5 Best Smoked Duck Breast Canapes Ideas For Next Canapes And Cocktails Party

Smoked duck is not only a delicacy, it is also a delicious idea for canapes at your next party. There are many interesting ideas and combinations that you can try to surprise your guests. We have chosen 5 most delicious smoked duck breast canapes to inspire you for your next party. 

5 Best Smoked Duck Breast Canapes Ideas For Next Canapes And Cocktails Party

It may seem boring to prepare canapes based only on one ingredient, but there is such a variety of what you can do with duck that boring should be the last thing you worry about. Another advantage of serving one ingredient based canapes is that your cooking time cuts drastically. So when you make your smoked duck breast canapes, simply pick 2 or 3 different ones and be done with half od the cooking for the party. 

5 Best Smoked Duck Breast Canapes Ideas For Next Canapes And Cocktails Party

smoked duck breast

Smoked duck breast on crostini with onion jam

This is a lovely and easy idea for a canape. Once you have your duck breast ready the rest is just a matter of putting it all together on one plate. Enjoy the lovely crispy crostini and an onion jam to make a perfect combination. Do make the dish look amazing, decorate it with a branch of thyme. 

Orange smoked duck breast bite

Orange and duck is a classic combination. The best way to make it work in a form of a canape is to prepare an orange sauce. Make sure that it is thick enough not to slide off from the piece of duck. It may be a good idea to serve it in a spoon. For decoration use pieces of orange skin, it will add to the taste and the visuals.  

Thai style smoked duck breast 

Duck Thai red curry is an amazing dish and there is no reason, why you could not serve it as a canape. Instead of making a curry use the paste to marinade the breast in before smoking it. Serve it on pieces of coconut rice with some coriander to add to the taste. 

Figs wrapped in smoked duck breast pieces

With this canape, it is really important to cut the meat super thin as if it was carpaccio. You can achieve that by cutting it frozen. Try to create long strips and wrap quarters of figs in the stripes. To hold this yummy smoked duck breast canape together and make it easy to eat, pierce it with a toothpick.

Smoked duck breast bites with hazelnut sauce served with rocket 

Last on our list of smoked duck breast canapes, is this delicious canape. You will be surprised with how well hazelnut goes with duck. Serving it on rocket will amplify the flavor as the green itself has a nutty taste to it. 

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