Snacks at work?

You’re sitting at work. You’re bored? Stressed? Have a lot to do? We all get that feeling. You usually browse your phone, check all your social media platforms again and again. You bite your nails? Scratch your head? Start snacking uncontrollably? Snacks are usually the best solution, don’t you think?

Personally, I always seem to get hungry during work. But I never seen to know what it is I want to eat. I start craving chocolate, chips, fruits, yogurt, you name it. When I snack, it lasts on average one to two hours before I feel hungry again. I’m aware that my hunger is coming from the fact that I just need something to chew on, and not an actual need for food.


What you eat impacts more than just your health and weight. It actually has affects productivity as well. This seems pretty logical right? What you might find surprising is the foods that will increase your productivity and keep you energized to carry on working.

What snacks are the best at work? What should we be hiding in our desk drawers? Or in the back of the fridge or cabinet?

1- Almonds: almonds are a great source of protein. They have the highest amount of protein and fiber, compared to other nuts. They are also rich in Vitamin E.
2- Low fat popcorn: yes, I said it–popcorn! Popcorn is a good source of fiber, and satisfies your craving for something salty and crunchy.

3- Fresh fruit: fruits are full of vitamins and minerals. They also enhance better performance at work.
4- Dried fruit: why not mix things up with your fresh fruits? They are sweet, chewy, and high in fiber and potassium.
5- Dry cereal: the body extracts most of its energy from glucose, which is the most important sugar in metabolism. Therefore, dry cereal releases glucose into the bloodstream at a slow rate which will reduce blood sugar fluctuations and enhances brainpower and the ability to focus.
6- Protein Bar: be sure to pick the ones that have fruits, nuts, and are less than 200 calories.
7- Mini flavoured rice cakes: these are great because they are low in calories and come in several flavours.
8- Pretzels: this is a great source to tame your salty and crunchy craving! They also give you carbs to hold you off till lunch time.
9- Frozen bananas: the best alternative to ice cream! Its contains the right amount of glucose to help you focus and give your brain the energy needed.
10- Vegetables and hummus: these provide you with sweetness as well as carbohydrates and are filled with nutrients. Hummus is also a good source of calcium, iron, protein, and fiber which prevents blood sugar from rising quickly.

These are all good snacks to have while on the job. We know it’s hard to substitute the more delicious snacks you usually have. There’s a reason chocolate is so addictive. Try out these snacks for a while and see how it goes. You can always cheat a little and sneak more deliciousness into your life!

For more delicious food, why not check out some of our Chefs who are great at cooking up the best snacks you can possible think of!