Social Foodies @ SMWi Dubai

A new social media conference came to Dubai recently, and we were tapped to be on a lifestyle panel about food! If you love social media, Social Media Week in Dubai (SWMi) is where you should be. Mark your calendars for the next one to learn about social media techniques, hear from industry experts and to network!

The conference was divided into two sections: Enterprise and Social, each respectively catering to entrepreneurs and consumers.

Social Media Week in Dubai

Social Foodie Panel @ SMWi Dubai


Our panel was dubbed the “Social Foodie” panel. Our Community Manager in Dubai, Megumi, was accompanied by Digital Marketer and former Masterchef UK contestant, Dawn Gribble, and Top Chef Middle East Contestant (current season), Hala Ayash.  

We engaged on what social media tools we use for our personal and professional branding and explored the realities and fantasies of food and social media. If you don’t follow us already, for up-to-date content on all things food, please do by using the icons below!