Start 2016 With Your Resolutions

We just entered the new year and after celebrating, it is time to start 2016 with your resolutions! Here are a few suggestions that we thought would be interesting to share with you, and how you can implement them for a new page in your life.Starting 2016 with your resolutions in mind can seem overwhelming at first, but it is possible. Close your eyes for a minute, take a deep breath and organize your thoughts. Here are recommendations that will help you focus and get the most out of 2016, to adopt the lifestyle you desire.


#Resolution 1: Cook at home

We all think of the new year as a year where we will be able to remove those bad habits we have: staying on the couch all weekend, ordering too much outside, and not spending our time productively. We suggest you sit on this beginning of January, and start thinking on a daily basis, from today up to a week. For each day, write down the menus that you want to enjoy, with a list of ingredients you will need. Don’t wait–take your car and drive to the store to buy the ingredients and prepare your week of cooking at home.

#Resolution 2: Get social

Invite your friends over for a casual gathering and think of a creative theme. Ideas: adopt a French style one day from the decoration to the menu, The Great Gatsby style with lots of colours and canapes for the occasion etc. Be creative, and enjoy spending time with your friends. Chef Maxime and Chef Mahmoud in Dubai are perfect for these kind of parties.

#Resolution 3: Try a Cooking Class with family, friends or with your colleagues

Start 2016 with new dishes that you would like to try, or new cuisines that you have never cooked yourself before. Chef Andrea and Chef Jupiter have culinary teaching experience; why not participate in classes as a family activity, or as a team building exercise for your company? It is always a great way to bring people together and enjoy a fun experience while learning something delicious at the end!

#Resolution 4: No stress

2016 is the year of managing your stress and controlling your fears–and we are here for you. A little bit of support should always be welcome. Keep calm and Book our Chefs for your next reception, dinner or romantic date. You can decide on the menu with one of our Chefs, and enjoy your wonderful experience, being able to host your guests without stress. Our recommendation to you to try Chef Jason and his British menus, as well as Chef Mohamed for an incredible Italian adventure.

Are you ready to start 2016 with your resolutions and make the most out of it? We are here to help you achieve your goals; share with us your requirements and needs! Our expert Chefs will bring you their savoir-faire for a year of health, delights, excellence and pleasure!