5 Stress Free And Easy Dinner Party Ideas: No More Party Panic!

Very often we find ourselves getting very excited about inviting our friends over for a dinner party. Only after the initial enthusiasm passes do we realise how much trouble are we actually in. Yes, it is great to have all our close friend over to catch up and have a great evening but at the same time as hosts, we have a ton of work to do. Not only do we have to make sure the apartment is spotless, but also create a delicious menu and not get a panic attack in the mean time. We have 5 easy dinner menu ideas for you that will let you take it easy on your next big evening!

5 Stress Free And Easy Dinner Party Ideas: No More Party Panic!

Those easy to make menus are not only quick and simple to prepare but they are also a delicious alternative to takeout. There is always that temptation of just call in some pizzas or Indian food and get the hustle over with. But homemade food is so amazing and your guests will appreciate your efforts much more than a restaurant food. 

5 Stress Free And Easy Dinner Party Ideas: No More Party Panic!

Quick and Easy Dinner Menu

easy dinner menu

  • Antipasti

  • Baked taut with veggies and garlic butter

  • Ice cream with berries

This menu is on our easy dinner party ideas list because it is a great choice if you’re a lazy chef. Or simply the day of the party turns out way too hectic to care about slow baking lamb leg for 5 hours. Buy some ready antipasti that you know are delicious. Marinated olives, some goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and prosciutto will be a delicious appetiser. Traut takes only 20 minutes to make, so you will have a mouth-watering 3-course dinner ready in less than an hour!

Summer Dinner Menu 

summer dinner menu

  • Cherry gazpacho 

  • Pan seared scallop

  • Selection of Cheese’s

This lovely menu is perfect for a garden party on a hot evening. Gazpacho can be made in advance and scallops take only a few minutes on the pan. If you like this delicious set you can invite our amazing Chef Michael to help you out with preparations! 

Countryside Dinner Menu

countryside dinner menu

  • Asparagus baked in puff pastry

  • Lamb cutlets with rosemary butter

  • Red velvet cake

Some spring tastes straight from the countryside. This easy dinner party ideas won’t take you much preparation time or cooking time as the star of the evening has to sizzle on the pan only for few minutes on each side to be deliciously juicy and fragrant. If you need some inspiration on how to make an exquisite red velvet cake do not hesitate to check out this lovely Red Velvet recipe.

Mediterrane Delight Dinner Menu

Mediterranean dinner menu

  • Mussels marinara

  • Pan-seared sea bream

  • Chocolate mousse cake

This menu will be a treat for all the seafood lovers. Strat your evening with mouth-watering mussels and go onto some crispy sea bream fillets. This menu is a bit more advanced in making, but if you want a total hustle and stress free evening just ask our Chef Pranav for a little bit of help on your dinner party. 

Veggies Rule!

vegetarian dinner menu

  • Roasted eggplant rolls with goat cheese

  • Wild mushroom penne

  • Carrot cake

Last but not least, this easy dinner party ideas will make your guests very happy. This menu is a nice way to serve dinner when you know that one of the guests is a vegetarian, but you do not have time to make a separate vegetarian menu option. Carrot cake is a nice dessert to continue this theme. 

If you are looking for more inspiration on the topic of dinner parties check out our guide on How To Pick The best Dinner Party Menu That You And Your Guests Will Love or look at what our Private Chefs have been cooking.