5 Summer Party Themes You Will Love in 2018

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary celebration or simply a summer event to gather your friends and loved ones, sometimes hosting a party during the summer can get overwhelming. Why not keep things simple and enjoyable by just setting a theme to your party? Not sure what we mean? Then check out 5 Summer Party Themes You Will Love in 2018

5 Summer Party Themes You Will Love in 2018

5 Summer Party Themes You Will Love in 2018

Most people would agree that keeping guests entertained at all times is the key to making your summer party a memorable one. Add some great food and drinks to that, and your event will definitely be a success! 

By setting a theme to your party, you can make it more enjoyable. It also becomes easier to plan the whole thing. The food, the decorations and even the program will revolve around that theme and you can even ask your guests to dress up accordingly! 
The theme is also a topic of conversation which can help break the ice and bring some life into your party. And once that is done, then the rest is a piece of cake!

1-A Traditional Backyard Barbecue


Having a standard backyard BBQ is definitely a great on hot summer days. It’s the ideal event for a family & friends gathering: there’s always something to do and everyone is on the move the entire time making it easier to break the ice and socialize! There are many ways you can go about the food and you can adjust it to fit your taste-buds and the dietary needs of the attendants. To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best vegetarian barbecues, we’ve also assembled a selection of bbq sauces that will add some flavor to your event. 

If you have a backyard at your disposal, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the delicious food in fresh air. You can host this event for lunch; but if you think that the heat could get unbearable, you can have it for dinner with a beautiful sunset view! 

Here are some summer bbq ideas for hot days to add a special twist to your event. Moreover, if you would rather feel like a guest at your own party, then all you need to do is hire catering services to take care of the food for you! 

2-A Tropical Day At The Beach


With the scorching summer heat, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy a day at the beach. Spice that up a little by adding a tropical twist to it, and you’ve got yourself a fun party at the beach! 
What you can do is hang some hammocks & enjoy the relaxing setting. We also advise you to choose a theme for your event and people can dress accordingly, you can even use some decorations to liven it up. 
Of course, music never hurts! You can put some tropical relaxing tunes on while people enjoy the fuzzy drinks that you’ve prepared.. Sounds perfect, right?
Here are some drinks that could help you loosen up and socialize while cooling down: some non-alcoholic choices in addition to alcoholic ones. 

3-A Rooftop Sunset


I think everyone would agree that sunsets are the most beautiful during summer! If you’re trying to avoid the scorching heat that prevails during the day, why not host a party at sunset? 
Choose a setting on a rooftop with a stunning view for the sunset, and the rest is easy! All you need to do is create your list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, add some snacks! If you would like to make your event a bit fancier, without loosing its coziness then have a cold finger buffet set up for your guests to enjoy! 
Not as fancy a seated party, but your guests can still enjoy some yummy finger food which of course adds value to your event! 

If you’re not sure about how to plan and organize your catering event for 10 guests or more, here‘s a thorough guideline for you to follow.

4-An Outdoor Movie Night


Don’t know about you, but most people prefer to participate in outdoorsy events during summer, especially after sunset! Have you thought about organizing an outdoor movie night? 
There’s no way of going wrong with this! All you need to do is choose a movie that would interest your guests and find a venue for the event! It can be at the beach, in your backyard or even a park! 
Just find a projector, a screen, get the movie you would like to showcase and make some pop corn.
You can even ask your guests to dress up like the characters of the movie to make the event more interesting… Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Also, to make the atmosphere even cozier than it is, you can set up sleeping bags and sheets on the floor where people can get comfortable!

5-Game Day

water balloons

One thing that we’ve all probably learned growing up is that no matter how old you are, there’s still a child somewhere inside you! Why not awaken that inner-child in your guests by hosting a game day? 
Believe us, it will be enjoyable to everyone, you would be surprised by how competitive people can get playing childhood games!

Split the attendants into groups or into pairs (it depends on the number of participants in general), and compile a list of simple games that everyone used to play when they were kids such as sack race, capture the flag, tag race… 
It will be the perfect getaway for adults, a day away from responsibilities where they can enjoy and just play games like they did when they were younger. 

Moreover, to spice things up a little, we would advise you to add some water games to make the atmosphere lighter and the games more enjoyable!