Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For Husband: 5 Best Ideas That You’ll Love

Deciding what to do for your husbands birthday can be hard and getting him a gift can be even harder.  You end up buying him another power tool, or some clothes that you think might suit him, and inevitably there’s a toiletry set.  Well this year, change that because we have 5 creative birthday ideas that your husband will love, and the best thing is that they can be made romantic or shared with friends, but what’s certain is that it will be a memory he will cherish.  So carry on reading to see our 5 surprise birthday party ideas for husband.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For Husband: 5 Best Ideas That You'll Love

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For Husband: 5 Best Ideas That You’ll Love

1. Hire a private chef for birthday dinner party

private chef for birthday dinner party

Hiring a Private Chef is a stress-free way to make your husband his favourite dinner.  You can decide from a vast list of Chefs here and contact them directly to discuss the menu.  Why not pick something that he has always wanted to eat, but you’ve not had the time to practice, duck always comes to mind or a piece of steak!  Then the effortless part begins, the Chef will buy all the ingredients, prepare, cook, serve and clean up.  All you have to do is enjoy yourself and spend the evening with your husband celebrating, rather than pulling your hair out when your timings don’t go to plan!  (Plus you can save money compared to going to a restaurant, read more here and here).

2. Cooking class and dinner for birthday party 

cooking class and dinner

A cooking class with a Chef is an amazing experience that your hubby won’t be forgetting.  You can get one on one training in certain areas he wants to develop.  Maybe he wants to learn to plate like a pro?  Or learn more about different cuts of meat?  Or even to make pasta by hand with secrets passed down through generations of Italian Grandmas?  Plus what you make at the cooking class you will eat after, and be left with the recipes.  What’s not to love?!  Find a Chef here for a cooking class.

3. Make him happy with Brunch

brunch birthday party

Imagine this, you’re having a lazy morning on your Husbands birthday, reading his cards and opening presents together.  Reminiscing about his previous birthdays.  Then you wonder downstairs to find brunch all laid out on the table, or even brought up to you in your bed. Now this is possible with Chefxchange, find a Chef to cater brunch here.

4. Canapes and cocktails

canapes and cocktails

Treat your husband to a sophisticated birthday surprise by hiring a Chef to serve canapes and he’ll bring along a bartender to mix some cocktails too.  The Chef will pair the canapes perfectly with the cocktails served.

5. Cakes and cocktails

birthday cake and cocktails

If you’re thinking of something a little more sweet then why not have cocktails with cake.  You can make it into an afternoon tea setting, or just stick to his favourite cakes, bite-size so that he can try all of them.  To make this effortless consider hiring a Chef to prepare all of the cakes for you, the Chef can stick around after to present the cakes to you, or if you want to make it seem like you did it all the Chef can slip out the back quietly.  Chefs can also help with the cocktails, whether they make them themselves or bring along a bartender with them.

We hope that you’ve managed to gain some inspiration to for some surprise birthday party ideas for your husband.