5 Best Surprise Birthday Party Ideas: Create Best Birthday Moments!

Before you continue reading on to the surprise birthday party ideas, you have to answer two questions.  Is the birthday person around?  If the answer is yes then save this page until they’re not. If the answer is no then continue onto the next question.  Does the birthday person enjoy surprises?If the answer is yes then carry on to our ideas.  If the answer is no then still keep reading, because these are not just any surprises even the biggest surprise-phobe will be elated. 

5 Best Surprise Birthday Party Ideas: Create Best Birthday Moments!

Doing something special for that special person in your life is tough, making it a surprise is even tougher.  You can’t ask their opinion on things, you have to sneakily drop hints to get their reaction, you can’t show them your excitement.  And to top it off you have to make sure the people you’ve told keep it under wraps and hope they don’t accidentally spill the beans!  But have no fear, we’ve put together 5 of the best surprise birthday party ideas that they are bound to love.  

No matter who they are, whether they’re your husband, boyfriend, mum, dad, sister, grandmother, niece, godmother, friend-of-a-friend, second-cousin-twice-removed, they will love these surprise birthday party ideas!

Our 5 Surprise Birthday Party Ideas below: 

Digital Dinner Menu … This is just the beginning

dinner menu

Hmmm thinking “sending my loved one a digital dinner menu doesn’t sound all that amazing?”  The best thing about this birthday idea is that they’ll receive the menu and be left confused.  Just like you probably are right now.  Well, we’d better get on explaining what this idea is all about then.  Why not hire a Chef for a dining experience in your own home.  When you pay for a Chef with ChefXChange you get the menu designed for your party for free.  So send the birthday person the menu in advance to leave them wondering what it’s all about, and then when it comes to the birthday date everything will fall into place and be a wonderful surprise birthday party.

Sushi Party

sushi party

A sushi party is such a fantastic surprise birthday party idea because it’s really interactive, plus you get to eat loads too.  You can hire a Chef that will make the sushi in front of you and serve it.  The Chef will present each dish explaining the ingredients and displaying their amazing skills.  Or you can make it more of a learning experience by getting your guests to make the sushi along with the Chef.  And if you’re thinking sushi is just seaweed, rice and fish then you need to try this party.  The Chef will show you there is so much more to sushi than what you find in the shops.

Michelin Star Dining Experience at Home

michelin starred private chef garnishing dish

When you think of a Michelin Star dining experience you might imagine a high-end restaurant in the expensive part of town.  Where the waiting list is 6 months long and it costs £100+ a person for a tasting menu, which you’ll still be hungry after.  Well ditch the negative feelings, get a Michelin starred or trained Chef into your own home and have them all to yourself.  Plus you can end up spending less than you would at one of these restaurants!  You can tailor the menu, have as many courses as you want, interact with the Chef directly and learn something for yourself.  Make it a smaller occasion with just the two of you, or invite your friends and have more of a party.  An amazing surprise birthday idea or what?

Food Presentation Masterclass

Private chef preparing food

You could learn to present food like a pro, it’s fun, interactive and can be used every day.  Whether you want to learn how to make soups look more inviting, how many different ways you can use a puree, how to cut meat without butchering it, how many textures you can make from cauliflower or how to get the perfectly iced cake.  If you’re looking for someone to help you with that then send a concierge request here.  Or if you’d like to read some tips to get you started first then take a look at these food styling tips.

Blind Tasting

girl having soup

You can’t imagine how much you will laugh at this type of party until you’ve experienced it.  For the most fun, use blindfolds!  But they’re not necessary.  You can do a blind tasting party in a variety of ways, you can use just ingredients and get each guest to guess what you are giving them.  You can compare different brands of ingredients and get each guest to guess which is the better quality.  Or you can make different meals using unusual ingredients and see if your guests can pick out the ingredients.  For example dark chocolate in Chilli con Carne, peanut butter in a stir fry, cinnamon in a spaghetti bolognese.  The possibilities really are endless.  And if you think you’d rather have someone else handle the cooking then browse for a Chef here.  Once you’ve tried this surprise birthday party idea you’ll be thanking us for letting you know about it!

Now, what are you waiting for?!  Go and plan that amazing surprise birthday.  And to invite your friends, take a look at these handmade invites.

If you’re planning this party specifically for your husband or boyfriend then you’ll love these birthday party ideas as well.