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Chicago Skyline

New on our map: Private Chefs in Chicago

Chicago: the Windy City and the home to some of the best restaurants in the America. It should come as...

Private Chef Giovanni's mini chorizo corn muffins

6 Insider Tips from a Washington DC Private Chef for a Successful Canapé Party

Canapé is a French term that translates to “couch.” This reflects the original construction of canapé, where a savory garnish...

Private Chef Andrea

Private Chef Andrea’s Interview on the Highs and Lows of his Career

Private Chef Andrea gives us the truth about the highs and lows of his Chef career, talks about his upcoming trip to Dubai and shares his secret recipes.

Private Chef Daniel making desert

Tips for a Chef Career from Private Chef Daniel

Spanish-born Chef Daniel is a Michelin trained chef who has worked in many different kitchens all over Spain. He started...

Interview with private Chef Amro

Private Chef Amro Reveals his Culinary Secrets in Our Interview

This week we’re interviewing Private Chef Amro, one of our wonderful Chefs in Dubai and we’re quite excited to learn more about his cooking...

Interview with private Chef Luis

In the Kitchen with Private Chef Luis

This week we’re meeting with private Chef Luis, one of our Spanish Chefs in Dubai and we’re quite excited to learn more about...