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When food becomes art

When Food Becomes Art

ChefXChange had the pleasure to partake in the Opening Ceremony of Fall/Winter Fashion Week 16/17 at City Centre in Beirut and...

romantic dinner

What Does Michelin Star Mean? Michelin Star Guide And FAQs

You’ve probably heard of the terms Michelin Star Chef or Michelin Star Restaurant when referring to especially fine dining experiences. But what...

ChefXChange and MarioEMario bring to you Michelin Starred Chef Maxime Le Van

CXC & Mario e Mario present Michelin Starred Chef Maxime

Buckle up and get ready to get the taste of real Italy! As always, whenever we promise, we deliver. This...

First Anniversary in the UAE

1 Year Anniversary in Dubai with SieMatic

Last week, we had the chance to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary in Dubai with SieMatic, where we hosted our...

Chef Maxime

Chef Maxime’s Culinary Journey to Beirut

“Chef Maxime provided Michelin class experience for our dinner party. Food was inventive without being pretentious, dishes were plated beautifully...

Chef Maxime

Chef Maxime, a Top Chef in Dubai

Find out what made Maxime our most talented Chef. Here is the story of a Top Chef in Dubai.