Team Building Cooking Classes: Unleash Your Inner-Chef‎ With 3 Cooking Activities

Cooking classes are an amazing activity regardless of you being a foodie or not. It’s a fun thing to do with your family, with your partner, with your kids, and with your colleagues too! Cooking in a team can be hard as it is quite easy to disagree on many things, starting with the task division. That is one of the main reasons why if you can learn how to cooperate while cooking you will surely become a better team. We have 3 different options for team building cooking classes that will be a great experience for your colleagues and you!

Team Building Cooking Classes: Unleash Your Inner-Chef‎ With 3 Cooking Activities

With these team building cooking classes, you will have to think about the space that you will need. Make sure that you know how many people you have on your hands and that you can provide them with enough space as well as the cooking equipment.

If in your office you do not have the right environment to organize such an event there are venues that can provide that for you. If you definitely want to stay in your office it’s probably not going to be possible to give each team a cooking station.  

Instead, focus your cooking class on activities that don’t require too much cooking.  For example, baking would be better than cooking.  If you have enough budget to rent a cooking class space then look for one near your office.  It will be a lot easier for your team to walk 5 -minutes to their cookery team building, than having to get public transport or drive!  

If your team is quite small, you can organize the activities in your house, this will save your budget and you could spend it on something else instead, like wine that will make this even more of a bonding session.

Corporate Team Building Cooking Classes

Bake off Team Building


Our first cookery team building activity is sweet! Baking can be really simple or really hard, depending on what you set out to bake. That is why it can be a great activity to create team working skills. Set it up as a baking competition in teams of 2-3 people with everyone baking the same cake.

Try not to choose the easiest recipes like cookies or muffins. The harder the cake you choose for the bake off the closer the team will have to work together.

Try something along the lines of a cake with many layers or a tart, that is a bit more complex to bake as well. Something that needs a lot of preparation time is best to choose.  

If you pick something easy then most of the team will be standing around just waiting.  Don’t be afraid to make it an actual challenge.  For example, you could give a recipe with some words blanked out, so that the team has to work together to figure out the missing words.

Cookery Team Building Challenge


If you want to enter into an even more intense competition than a bake-off then create a cooking challenge for your team. The challenge can be of various natures. You can ask the teams to come up with a whole dinner menu or make rounds that test their work under pressure with different tasks like chopping onions! Watch a few MasterChef episodes to find inspiration for the most daunting cooking tasks or hire a Professional Chef.  

They’ll show the ‘contestants’ some cooking tips but also judge their skills. This way you will not only get to see who is the best chef in the bunch but also learn some new cooking techniques that are a sworn secrecy of trained Chefs.

One of the professional chef’s favourite team building cooking classes is to create canapes.  The Chefs prepare all the individual ingredients and come armed with them.  The contestants have to work together to first design their canape and then to assemble it.  The winner is the one that makes the most photogenic dessert.  

This is a great choice because you don’t need to actually do any cooking, you just need some space.  Things can get very messy too, which will only make things funnier.

Corporate Cooking Classes

cooking classes

The last option on our list is the corporate cooking classes. This is a great idea if you do not want to make your team feel intimidated with too much competition from day one. It is a great relaxing and fun activity. By cooking in teams and developing new skills you can bond with your coworkers and learn how to cook amazing food. You get the guidance of a Private Chef and you get to gain amazing cooking skills, plus you will eat the food that you prepared!

We hope these team building cooking classes have helped to inspire you and your team!  If you are looking for more inspiration on corporate building activities have a look at 3 Best Team Building Activities For Awesome Teams. If are in need of some delicious food inspiration have a look at what our Private Chefs are cooking!