Thanksgiving dinner for two: 5 best menus to spark the food love

Thanksgiving is a time that you want to spend with your friends and family and what better way to do that then sit down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner? Even if your company is smaller then usual – if you are away from home, you still deserve to treat yourself. Have a look at the Thanksgiving dinner for two ideas and get inspired. 

Thanksgiving dinner for two: 5 best menus to spark the food love

Thanksgiving dinner for two: 5 best menus to spark the food love

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner

New is not always better. There is a lot of allure in a traditional dishes over the holidays. It is the time when you want to feel cozy and come back to your childhood memories of cooking with your Nana. That is why you may find a classic set of Thanksgiving dishes more appealing at this time of the year.


  • Roasted butternut squash soup with chili flakes

  • Mashed sweet potato

  • Roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and gravy

  • Roasted Brussel sprouts

  • Dark chocolate, bourbon pecan pie 

Chef Ayah – For the love of food

This menu is delicious and full of love. Enjoy the mix of hot and cold appetizers and a juicy steak for the main. Not a turkey, but how can you eat a whole turkey being just 2 people anyway? The star of your dinner will definitely be the delicious lava cake.

Puff pastry Salad steak lava cake

  • Warm mixed Mushroom Tart topped with caramelized onions and Feta Cheese

  • Arugula, Cucumber, Blistered Tomatoes topped with shaved parmesan cheese and a crostini tossed in a lemon basil dressing

  • Flat Iron Steak

  • Warm Chocolate Fondant cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and red berries coulis.

Chef J – Cold weather comfort

When it gets cold outside and your favorite colors suddenly become browns, oranges, and reds you know it is time to get cozy at home and get ready for some delicious autumnal food. This is Chef J’s proposition for your special Thanksgiving this year!

Pear salad butternut soupbeer chicken cupcake

  • Poached pear walnut salad

  • Anjou pear and squash soup

  • Beer pan roast chicken

  • Apple cider cupcakes

Chef Karla – Trendy Thanksgiving Meal

If you want to mix it up a little and throw some classics and new flavors together, this is the right menu for you. Enjoy the mouthwatering and delicate goat cheese and follow that with exquisite cornish gem hen. To end the dinner enjoy the cranberry cobbler – definitely a classic Thanksgiving dinner item.

cranberry cobbler

  • Goat’s cheese and cranberry canapes

  • Cornish game hens, with artichokes and mashed sweet potatoes and glazed carrots and cornbread.

  • Cranberry cobbler with ice cream

Chef Andrea‘s Thanksgiving  dinner menu

Last but definitely not least, have a look at this delicious Italian take on the Thanksgiving. Enjoy crispy calamari, fragrance Brussel sprouts and of course roast turkey. In this variation stuffed with amazing Sicilian stuffing.

Calamari Brussel sprouts turkey pannetone

  • Porcini Palmiers

  • Calamari, Pumpkin, and Ricotta

  • Turkey with Sicilian stuffing

  • Brussel sprouts with Saffron and Chestnut caramelized shallots mash

  • Panettone and butter pudding

If one of these delicious menus is your Thanksgiving dream just get in touch with us and one of our expert chefs will be on his way to make your holiday even more special. 

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