Thanksgiving dinner menu ideas: 5 best dinner menus to gobble up

With Thanksgiving fast approaching you don’t want to spend the majority of your time slaving away in the kitchen away from your guests. Hosting a dinner party can be a stressful task as you have to prepare, cook, serve and clear away after your guests, This often means you are spending much of the night away from your guest instead entertaining them.

ChefXChange has come up with 5 Thanksgiving dinner menu ideas starter, main and dessert to help you prepare smartly so that you can execute meals that will leave your guest stuck in their seats stuffed, rather than neglected and forgotten.

Thanksgiving dinner menu ideas

Thanksgiving dinner menu ideas: 5 best dinner menus to gobble up

Chef Madea

If you fancy a traditional Southern Thanksgiving dinner this year, bring a touch of green and clean sustainable soul food to your appetizer menu with these options.

• Raw Kale Salad- tossed with caramelized onions, sauteed apples, and cardamom vinaigrette

5 menu ideas for Thanksgiving

• Sweet Potatoe fries-served with Rosemary, Thyme, and peanut dipping sauce

5 menu ideas for Thanksgiving

• Crispy oven baked red bean cakes with roasted yellow pepper sauce.

• Green bean Salad- Tender green beans marinated in garlic, lemon and bay leaf

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Chef Eddie

Context and memory play powerful roles in all of the great meals in one’s life.’ Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and sharing happy memories with your loved ones. Use the Positive memories to create these compelling side dishes that will be remembered by the family for years to come.

• Marconi and cheese – This is a Thanksgiving classic, full of soul and full of flavor. Add Smoked cheddar for a truly addictive, baked macaroni and cheese.

• Collard greens – A southern Thanksgiving staple, this is guaranteed to add a healthy kick alongside all the carbs consumed.

• Red Bliss potatoes salad – This classic summer salad is still perfect in the colder season. Enough to feed a crowd which makes it brilliant for your Thanksgiving table.

• Roasted exotic mushrooms – This dish is delicate and crispy and serves well as a hearty side dish with robust meats such as turkey or beef

• Burnt broccoli with balsamic bacon reduction – A cross between a salad and a crispy side you cannot go wrong with this dish at your Thanksgiving table

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The Main event

Remember Thanksgiving is a time to bond and reflect with family. So turn off all distractions mainly the TV and Focus your attention where it belongs, the delicious food and your family and friends. With these main dishes, I am sure everyone will enjoy each bite.

• Turkey with orange and sage- A good trick is to cut up the turkey before roasting, This ensures that all parts of the bird will cook evenly at the same rate—and in just 1 1/2 hours.

5 ideas for thanksgiving dinner

• Stuffed turkey breast with butternut squash, kale, and sausage- To get a rich and juicy turkey, pre-season and leave the turkey to marinate for 24 hrs and serve it with a rich gravy.

• Chipotle Buttermilk Cornbread – Give classic cornbread a spicy, cheesy twist. Add chipotles and Velveeta. Serve alongside a juicy turkey and gravy to make the perfect mix.

• Herb and Apple Stuffing- This festive fall stuffing studded with all the fresh, seasonal flavors you love — apples, parsley, rosemary, This goes perfectly well with roasted turkey to give it an extra dimension of flavor.

• Buttermilk-Boursin Mashed Potatoes- Spice up the flavor of your traditional mash potatoes by adding herb-garlic cheese. You will be surprised how brilliantly this enhances the mash’s flavor

Chef Danny

After you’ve stuffed your face with your appetizers, side dishes, and the main event, you need something soothing to relax your guest and prepare them for the evening festivities. These desserts are the perfect mix to prepare your guest for the family games and sports.

• Mango and champagne soup – This consist of ripped mangos for the fresh sweet taste, Tuscan cantaloupe, with 24 hours salt cured poblano peppers with salt, pureed with CES mirepoix and champagne that is served in tasting cups.

• Bourbon Pie- This is rich, creamy, luxurious but still feather light

• Summer Sorbet- made with home-made blood orange, mango, honey and sea salt sorbet, served with freshly made butterscotch sauce.

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Your thanksgiving dream doesn’t have to be a dream, and our chefs are more than capable of bringing your holiday dreams to light while you spend all precious time with your friends and family. So, if you prefer to save yourself the stress, get in touch with ChefXChange and one of our expert’s chefs will be on the way to your home to make it a Thanksgiving meal you and your family will never forget.