The Complete Step by Step Recipe of Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate the valuable things in life. It’s the time to reflect on what we’re appreciative for over a good hearty meal. Thanksgiving means different things to different people. Some families will get into the spirit with some wine and karaoke. Others will play silly games and laugh until their hats fall off. Whilst others may sit around and watch some great family films. However, one thing that’s consistent across the board is that it wouldn’t feel like the holiday season without a traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu in place!The Complete Step by Step Recipe of Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

The Complete Step by Step Recipe of Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Thanksgiving dinner menu

1. Royal roasties

Something that tops the Thanksgiving charts is the perfect roasted vegetables. It just wouldn’t be the same without some crispy golden vegetables and you just can’t go wrong with roast potatoes and parsnips, especially if you’re keeping it simple. You don’t need to go overboard with some a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and you certainly don’t need to with some classic roast potatoes. Keep it simple with some sprigs of rosemary and this roast potato, parsnips and carrots recipe that’s guaranteed to go down a storm.

2. Traditional turkey

It may take an age to cook, with the designated cook slaving away in the kitchen all day; stuffing and glazing and browning. However, when you can smell that delicious aroma fills the air and people keep peeking into the kitchen to see how the masterpiece is getting on it’s all worth it. If you want to make it extra special give it some added zest with this Red Chile and Orange Glazed Turkey recipe. This delectable recipe will stun your guests in the best possible way and they’ll be begging to return to yours again next year.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu

3. Stuffing

You can’t have a traditional turkey without stuffing it with a delicious filling. This Porcini Chestnut Stuffing is the perfect solution and is so packed full of flavours that you’ll be begging for more. In fact, we recommend making extra helpings and getting some takeaway containers so your guests can take home some turkey and stuffing for their sandwiches the next day.

4. Must have mash

Mash potatoes are a much-underappreciated side that we just couldn’t live without. It may be a bit much to have mash and roast potatoes on a standard day, but hey, it’s Thanksgiving! We need that creamy mash to perfectly accompany our turkey, it just wouldn’t be tradition without it. If you want some help making that mash extra creamy, try this perfect mashed potato recipe.

5. Pumpkin pie

When I think of an American Thanksgiving there’s always an image of Pumpkin Pie. This spicy American classic is everything you could ask for in a festive dessert. It looks impressive, it smells delicious and with that cinnamon and ginger, it just tastes like the holidays. Just remember, don’t leave it on the windowsill to cool because it’s guaranteed to get swiped! Impress your guests by adding this classic pumpkin pie recipe to your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

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