The Best 8 Easy Healthy Food Tips

8 Easy Healthy Food Choices that will transform the way you look and feel without painful crash diets or laborious gym hours. Just by changing your attitude towards meals, you can boost your energy levels and confidence quotients. Say bye-bye to the oh-so common conflicting dietary advice and follow these simple steps. Find out how to stay full without adding calories, or how to lose weight by not skipping a meal. Discover how vibrant eating can add colour to your life, or how altering the order of your meals can boost your metabolism. Eat tasty, stay healthy.

# 1. Don’t be a cereal killer. Eat breakfast.

Oats and Fruits


There are a lot of reasons for why we end up skipping our breakfasts: haven’t got any time when rushing for your 9 am start at work, saving the calories for later, or just not hungry! But skipping breakfast can make weight maintenance very difficult. Breaking-the-fast is essential to regulate your blood sugar levels. When you skip breakfast, your body craves for sugar and you will probably end up snacking on junk food or binge eating your next meal. So, have breakfast! Swap your sugar-dipped cereals (some of them have over 40% sugar) to oats or eggs on toast. You will find yourself with more energy and concentration throughout the day. What’s more you will save on the unnecessary junk calories that you would probably regret.

#2. This, That, Don’t pull your food out of a hat- plan your meals

Planning your meals ahead allows you to not leave frozen food or fast-food takeaway as the only option. Plan to have six small meals a day, with the last one being no later than 7 pm. This will prevent unhealthy cravings by ensuring that your sugar levels are steady.

#3. You never know what you have until you: (i) lost it or (ii) clean your fridgeFruits and Vegetables: healthy options


Arrange your fridge such that healthy snacking options such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, nuts and seeds are in easy sight and reach before the unhealthy options. When you are hungry, you are more likely to want to eat the initial few things you see than hunt for something at the back of your fridge. Fill yourself with fruits and vegetables when on an empty stomach and then start your meals.

#4. Slow and steady wins the race


plate of food

Chewing each and every bite of your food is important. It not only allows you to savor every tiny speck on your plate but is also essential for good absorption of nutrients. Focus on your food while eating. Watching TV while eating often distracts you from your food and this may just lead to you gulping more food than you would have otherwise. I guess ‘No TV During Dinner’ policy is not just healthy for family bonding but also for yourself!

#5. Not everything small is bad- makes plates smaller

Plate of food

Seeing is believing but eyes are deceiving. A study conducted showed that 70% of those who unknowingly drank soup from bottom less bowls felt no fuller than those who had one bowl of soup. Eating from smaller plates deceives you into feeling full faster as it tricks your body into thinking that you’ve had a “whole plate” full of food. It is a simple yet effective trick.

#6. Gobble the rainbow- paint your plate with colourful veggies and fruits

Colourful Fruits and Veggies- 8 Food Tips for better health

Eat the greens, reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples. Colourful fruits and vegetables are usually high in antioxidants. Reds and oranges like tomato, watermelon are rich in vitamin C; greens like spinach and avocado are rich in iron and calcium; purples like blueberries and plums have age-reversing effects.

These fruits and veggies can build your immunity to the ever-changing London weather and bacteria satiated underground tube lines.

#7. Leave the Duff, water makes you tough

Water is a magical tool for weight loss or maintenance. It helps digestion, boosts metabolism, rejuvenates skin, energizes muscles, increases immunity, reduces fatigue, brightens mood. The list could go on! After all, 75% of our body is water.

Dehydration often leads to one mistaking thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated is important to reduce cravings. Water has zero calories. It can substitute high calorie beverages. Coconut water is also a great hydration method that acts like a natural electrolyte for the body. 8 ounces of water a day is a must. Next time you feel hungry, try having a big glass of water first.

#8. Treat yourself to a sugar rush

Craving for sugar and fat is ingrained in us by mother nature- it is normal. Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay healthy by going natural. Dates are not only sweet and delicious, but also very nutritious. They are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber and are rich in antioxidants, iron and potassium. Carry a box of dates and nuts in your bag, and unapologetically snack on them when you have a craving for sugar.

Incorporate these unusual yet simple tips in your everyday life and see yourself change for the better without any effort.  Let us know your thoughts on these tips in the comments below.

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