The Best breakfast in Beirut

We have spotted the most amazing Knefeh in Downtown Beirut thanks to Culinary Backstreets.  They’ve revealed their exquisite moment at Bohsali, a pleasant place for sharing breakfast with the family and having an amazing time.


Knefeh best breakfast in Beirut

Original Knefeh by Bohsali Patisserie in Beirut

Since 1955, the famous Bohsali Patisserie offers not only an incredible but also purely original and freshly-baked Knefeh. Knefehs are Lebanese traditional sweets made with soft cheese baked in a semolina crust, topped with pistachios and doused with orange blossom syrup. Doesn’t it sound appealing? 

Saadeddine Bohsali, the great-grandson of the founder talks with passion about the family secret:

All the recipes are from my great grandfather and are a family secret. Everything is made in house, even the kaak. These are true Beirut recipes only found here.

A must try! 

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