The Best Way to Organize your Fridge

organized fridge

Today is time to rethink about the best way to organize your fridge. We know how messy things get when food piles up and you don’t have space anymore, or end up leaving and not eating everything that is in your fridge. Now take a moment to rearrange it and find in this post the best way to organize your fridge.

Use baskets to gather your products. Very simple and clean, you can separate your food inside these different boxes. Label the baskets with stickers and be original, creative with great stickers for each box. You can even insert mats on each set, and avoid the hassle of a hard cleaning.


The raw meat and seafood should always be on the bottom shelf to avoid any unwanted stain.

Make a list of your products that you have in your fridge or that you need and write them on a board on your fridge, you can even involve your kids to participate in this daily/weekly task in a fun way: get them to write with colours, tick the boxes or count your ingredients. Another option is to make a picture of what’s inside your fridge before shopping so you know what you already have at home.

Make sure you don’t have products that don’t need to be kept inside: potatoes, onions for example.

Be creative! Use color boxes to separate your ingredients that should be eaten soon from the rest.

Our Chef Andrea advices us to always clean our fridge regularly, and to keep an eye on the temperature of our fridge.


More advices and tips can be shared by our Chefs when they come to your own kitchen. Feel free to ask them all the questions for a perfect kitchen.