The Deadliest of Game of Thrones Feasts

Winter has left some, and come for others. We’re not just talking about weather here. Brace yourself people, GAME OF THRONES IS COMING! For many, the show is a catharsis where they witness all their suppressed immorality come alive. Violence, hypocrisy, gluttony, lust, betrayal, spite, fanaticism, deceit, avarice, corruption, decadence … Game of Thrones is by all means a playground for primitive behavior–a civilization stripped of ethics. It’s Hobbes’ state of nature within a state. It’s the anarchy of war of all against all. It’s a world drenched in vices.

To break bread together, encapsulates the power of food. Food can bring family and cultures together, forge relations and lay to rest animosity. However, that’s not always true with Game of Thrones and George R.R. Martin. For the sake of our love for GoT and food, let’s check the most flabbergasting twists that took place around feasts and meals.


The Chicken


On their way to the Vale, the hungry Hound and Arya Stark stumble upon a tavern. There, Stark recognizes one of the diners as Polliver, the Lannister man who stole her sword needle and killed her friend Lommy. Polliver in return recognizes the Hound and approaches him. The conversation soon escalates to a standoff between the men after the Hound insults King Joffrey. Taken by surprise, Polliver starts slandering the Hound. Enter Food, or actually Chicken. The disfigured man interrupts him and demands a chicken.

Bring me one of those chickens!


Polliver’s reply?


Game of Thrones

Some people would. definitely. – via HBO


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The Fall from Grace


This one was a big surprise for the fandom last season. There was actually no food involved here, but it was the lack of food that brought this scene to our attention. The vicious spoiled megalomaniac and cruel Queen Mother, Cersei Lannister, is sent to jail by the High Sparrow, the High Septon of the Faith of the Seven. She is accused of adultery, incest and involvement in King Robert Baratheon’s death. While locked away in the dungeon, Cersei was denied food and water until she confessed her crimes. However, being the prideful woman she is, she constantly refused to do so and denied all accusations. Consequently, the food and water were dumped on the floor.


Game of Thrones

We would say the same if somebody dropped our food…


In one of the most satisfying scenes in Game of Thrones, a famished and parched Cersei licks water of the ground, the nadir of despair and a fall from grace. I guess, she got what she deserved. Although, no death occurred during the scene, we know for sure the Queen Mother will hit back with a bloody iron fist.

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The Heart  


Well this particular scene is definitely not for the squeamish.

Dothraki customs dictate that when a Khaleesi is pregnant, a ceremony is held during which the mother-to-be eats the raw heart of a stallion. For any Dotrakhi, that wouldn’t be much of an issue, but for the well-spoken, angelic and delicate Daenerys Targaryen, it was a bit of a struggle. However, to cement her status as Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons devours the heart. After all, being the wife of a Khal is no walk in the park, there’s a lot to stomach.


Game of Thrones

Hats off to Khaleesi!


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The Pigeon Pie 


Pigeon pie is a common poultry dish served at weddings in Westeros. Of course, a king’s wedding is no different.


Game of Thrones


During the wedding reception of King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, the royalty is gifted a Valyrian steel sword by his Grandfather, Tywin Lannister. The young ruler uses it to cut the enormous pigeon pie served during the ceremony and releasing the pigeons (well, those who remained alive).

But in true Game of Thrones fashion, nothing goes smoothly or quietly.

After guzzling down a piece of the pie and insulting his uncle, Tyrion Lannister, the King coughs and chokes until his death. Poison has ended the reign of the sadistic and despicable child King.

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The North Remembers


Indeed, The North will remember the Red Wedding. In the biggest twists in showtime history, the King in the North, Robb Stark, his wife Queen Talisa, his mother Catelyn, and his men are slaughtered.

The event is set at Edmure Tully, the King’s uncle, and one of Walder Frey’s daughters’ wedding. This marriage was an act of atonement after Robb broke the marriage pact between House Stark and House Frey by marrying Talisa.

After the bride and groom leave the hall for the bedding ritual, and as the guests are still dining on fine wine and delicious meat, the doors are locked, and The Rains of Castamere, a song praising Tywin Lannister’s victory against House of Reyne, starts playing. Sensing the eeriness of the situation, Lady Stark turns to lord Bolton, and discovers he is wearing a chain mail beneath his clothes. Then, chaos ensues… one after another, the Starks are slaughtered.


Game of Thrones

Pretty much every GoT fan’s reaction…


Lord Frey’s revenge completely changed the game of thrones.

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For the finale, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, Volume I, which perfectly summarizes the series.


Summers span decades. Winter can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun. It will stretch from the south, where heat breeds plot, lusts and intrigues; to the vast and savage eastern lands; all the way to the frozen north, where an 800-foot wall of ice protects the kingdom from the dark forces that lie beyond. 

Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men… all will play the Game of Thrones.


So let the games begin!


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