The Empire State – New York

“I get out of the taxi and it’s probably the only city which in reality looks better than on the postcards, New York.” ― Milos Forman

There’s something about the New York air that is so hard to resist. I don’t know anyone who’s been to New York and didn’t fall in love with it instantly. There’s just something about this city. It could be the noise, the streets, the skyscrapers, but most importantly…the lights.

Jay-Z was right when he said: “Since I made it here, I can make it anywhere”. New York is a state of mind. You need to be in it to live it. No matter where you are, be it Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, or Staten Island, you get a completely different, yet so similar, experience in each, and you’ll love it every time.Top of the rock- Rockefeller Center
So go climb to the top of the Rockefeller center and experience the beautiful “top of the rock” scenery! Or stand down below in the middle of Times Square surrounded by all those lights and screens! I guarantee you’re in for a treat. Take a stroll through Central Park, and watch those adorable squirrels moving all around you. Beyond the beauty of this city, lies delicious food around each corner.Central Park

I can keep telling you all about the things I fell in love with when I was in New York, but believe me, the list is endless. But I will share with you my little secrets. Where do I start? I’ve always been known to by a candy fanatic. (No really, I hide my candy at home and eat it when no one is watching). So when you put me in New York, where would be the first place I go? Yep! You guessed it. Dylan’s Candy Bar!!Dylan's Candy Shop

Nope! My candy experience didn’t end there. You got that right! Toys ‘R’ Us definitely stole my heart! Their candy land section was my heaven! You would have been a champ if you could actually get me out of there!

Toys r us candy land

Everyone knows you can’t go to New York without seeing a Broadway musical. I watch one every time I visit! And I must say, I absolutely LOVE it! My favorite two would definitely be Wicked and The Lion King. But then again, who wouldn’t love a little blast from the past?Wizard of Oz - Broadway

What about the beauty of Times Square? I just can’t get enough. Those lights! The screens! The buildings! And last but not least…..the FOOD! Have you had Shake Shack?? No? You’re missing out!!! Those Shack burgers are ones to keep you coming back for more! You won’t get enough believe me! Times SquareI’m sure I can go on and on about the food in New York! Max Bremmer, Buddhakan, Sarah Beths, Lombardis, Sushi Samba, Rice to Riches, Serendipity…and the list goes on! But I think if I continue I’ll be drooling on my keyboard! Instead I think a good idea would be to hire a Chef to customize a menu for me to taste New York.

You can do the same! If you’re in NYC, check out our roster of private chefs in the area. If you want a taste of NY and live elsewhere, our list of Chefs allows you to choose from diverse options! Now how awesome is that?