Our newest Food Aficionado started her page while planning an annual trip back to Lebanon!  She first added her favorite places to be sure not to forget to visit them. She also started to save new places to discover.  After a while, she started gaining followers on her account and decided to clean up the page! 

In our food Aficionado series #9, you will discover the world of this very kind and passionate lady. Tina Lattouf Chamoun, began her account by saving recipes, food presentation and styling ideas from everywhere including from some wonderful home chefs.

ChefXChange Food Aficionados Series #9: “Your Lebanon”

For Tina, Blogging is a hobby. She is a licensed attorney in the United States, and formerly the marketing director for her husband’s chain of Lebanese restaurants, Aladdin’s Eatery.  Tina received her major in Political Science with a double minor in Spanish and Philosophy from John Carroll University in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Our Foodie also received her law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland Ohio.

That said, Tina is not only a very good person but also a genius! She chose “Your Lebanon” as name for her page because she feels a great sense of pride in her Lebanese background and heritage. This food aficionado wanted her page to be a place where she could save her favorite aspects of Lebanon. Now, “Your Lebanon” gives Lebanese within Lebanon and abroad a platform to show others the wonderful qualities of Lebanese heritage and culture, including the best Lebanese food!

Here is a picture of the beautiful Tina Lattouf Chamoun in order for you to put a face to the name “Your Lebanon”.


Inspiration & Motivation

One important milestone in Tina’s journey would be reaching 50,000 followers. When she started this page in 2015, she did not expect it to be what it is today. What she learned is the importance of listening to her followers and what they want to see.

Tina enjoys running this page and learns a lot through it. She is, above all, motivated by the people who send her recipes and posts to share. They are so proud of their work that she takes pride in sharing it.

One of the best food pictures she has taken was at a big event. This passionate foodie started taking and sharing photos of large spreads of Arabic food years ago. She especially likes the following photo, which she took at her mom’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. Tina really loves it because of the amount of time and work she personally knows went into the dishes!

We asked Tina about her “favorites”

Her best culinary experience is in any of her Lebanese style dinners at “Aladin’s Eatery”. She loves it, with everything from the salt & lemon juice soaked carrots to all the cold and hot mezza, and then the kabobs and fish entrees. The way they entertain and do dinners is like nothing she has ever seen anywhere else in the world.  They have a Lebanese restaurant in Cleveland called “Taza Lebanese Grill” where they do the same Arabic style dinner presentation. Everyone who experiences it for the first time is always impressed.

Another question we asked Tina is:”You’re stuck on an island and you can only choose three ingredients to use in your food! What would you pick? Any ingredients you can’t stand?”. She replied that she would pick meat and potatoes because they are items that are filling and can be cooked many different ways. She would also, of course, pick olive oil! As for the food, she can’t stand, she has a dislike for mushrooms and anything that taste like licorice, including fresh fennel/anise & Arak (probably to the disappointment of all her family from Abrine!)

And other details …

Our food aficionado likes all cuisine, but she prefers simplicity over dishes that are too rich (too much sauce, cream, butter, etc.) Her favorite cuisine is obviously Arabic cuisine! Tina also likes simple desserts. She loves her mom’s “biscuit au chocolat”, but she also loves her own salted chocolate chip cookies! Her dream food destination is Italy. She went there for the first time when she was very young and could not appreciate it the way she could now, especially now that she has started cooking herself.

Her favorite restaurant in Lebanon is ‘Sultan Ibrahim Jounieh” (especially for fireworks) and her favorite bakery is “Roi du Pain” (Malek al Rghif).  Her favorite eatery in the states is “Taza Lebanese Grill” because as mentioned, she can enjoy dinner and feel like she is back in Lebanon.

We then asked her about another food blogger she likes and Tina mentioned “No Garlic No Onions” . For her, his photos are great, he is very authentic, and he has been around doing what he does for a very long time!

Finally, in the winter, our food aficionado likes to eat a cozy home-cooked meal. There is so much Lebanese comfort food, like kibbe b laban, fasoulia w riz, bazella w riz, and more. She also loves to eat out and support new and different restaurants, especially the ones owned and operated by local upcoming chefs! 

Tina on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? – “Consistency! I like to go to a restaurant and order a dish that I love and have it come out the way I love it. ”

How would you define a true foodie? – “A true foodie is someone open to trying different types of food experiences and appreciates those differences. ”


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