The Funniest Tweets about Sam Allardyce and Food

Sam Allardyce stepped down as England’s Football Manager earlier today; it was a “mutual decision” after it was unearthed that he was happy to strike a deal with The Daily Telegraph reporters posing as Middle Eastern businessmen.  They were negotiating a £400,000 deal to get around the FA rules of football transfers (read more here), despite being paid £3 million a year as the England Manager.  We took a look at some of the funniest tweets about Sam Allardyce and food because there’s nothing like relating a controversy to food to make it funny.

Sam Allardyce

Source: The Sun

Allardyce has become the butt of a lot of jokes as he has had a very short run in this position, at just 67 days and 1 match.  We bet he’s had a real ‘D’Oh’ moment after this, losing a big opportunity.  Well, at least he’s had a 100% win rate.  No one is quite sure what will happen next, as the investigation is ongoing.  Will there be court proceedings, who knows?  Will he ever return to managing a Premier League team?

This tweet that mocked how much he earnt

And this one


This tweet that mocks his short 67 days on the job

And, another!  

And this is not the first time he has become the butt of Twitter jokes, it happened last year after he was announced the Manager of Sunderland, see them here.


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