The History of Food Truck Culture

Young people and young professionals these days are always looking for different experiences. People are shying away from fast food because it has proven to be super unhealthy. However, as the name infers, we all like the fact that fast food is quick. That’s where food trucks come into place!

The first time I heard of the concept of a food truck, I thought this a really weird thing. Why would anyone want to eat food that is cooked and served in a truck! That all changed when my friend took me to a huge food truck yard in San Francisco, where all of the city’s young professionals go to grab a quick bite during their lunch break. Food served in food trucks can range from gourmet, to a very light snack or something healthy. The variety of the food served in food trucks is endless.

Food Trucks

Photo credit: David McSpadden via / CC BY

In the US, food trucks came to life in New York in the 1690’s. It started when street vendors decided to sell food to people on push carts. As everything changed, in 1950’s dining cars began feeding passengers in cross-country trains. A few years later, the chuckwagon was invented for the purpose of feeding cattlemen and wagon trains going to the old west. I could go on and on about how in each decade food trucks evolved to finally reach what we know now. However, the closest thing to what we know now came to place in 1974 when an old ice cream truck was converted into the first ever taco truck! It was parked in East Los Angeles. Since then, food trucks have become very famous and are synonymous with hip, chic, and trendy. Food trucks also their own Association– National Food Truck Association– which was created in 2014. With the introduction of technology and social media, food trucks have gained trackable mobility and are abe to change their location around the city they are in and keep updating their location in order for people from different areas to try their food. Food trucks have also made it to Hollywood, in the comedy-drama Chef, a high-end chef leaves his job and rediscovers his love food and cooking while driving a food truck across the country.

Food trucks aren’t only limited to the US, They are all over the world. Belgium has a Belgian Food Truck Association and they hold the Brussels Food Truck Festival, which takes place every year in May. It’s the largest food truck festival in Europe.

Food Trucks

Chef Karim of ChefXChange at Junkyard

Beirut has also made it to the world of food trucks! Junkyard has food trucks in their beer garden in the busy street of Mar Mikhail. As ChefXChange is always striving to revolutionize your culinary experiences, we have partnered with Junkyard, where our own ChefXChange chefs will be making gourmet street food delights in those food trucks. Make sure to check them out and report back to us!