The Middle East’s Michelin-Starred Masterchef Greg

He’s been praised as the “Instigator of Middle Eastern cuisine in Australia” by Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker and credited with reinventing Middle Eastern cuisine and bringing it to the forefront of the global culinary stage. Chef Greg, an Australian with Lebanese origins, was recognized with a Michelin star during his tenure as Executive Chef at Petersham Nurseries Café in London.

Chef Greg trained all around the world, from France to Hong Kong and finally returned to home to head MoMo restaurant in Melbourne until 2012, after which he moved to London where he was awarded his first Michelin star at Petersham Nurseries Café.

Michelin-starred Chef Greg Malouf

During an interview with Time Out Dubai, Chef Greg described his culinary style as a reflection of his connection to his heritage and his travels around the Middle East. He has also been credited with creating ‘Modern Middle Eastern’ cuisine. Along with the Michelin star, his culinary awards mantle holds “two hats”, awarded by Age Good Food Guide.

Later, Chef Greg relocated to Dubai to open Cle Dubai, a contemporary Middle Eastern restaurant that combines the best local and traditional herbs and spices. Since then, he has moved on to other opportunities. We had the pleasure of speaking with Chef Greg regarding ChefXChange and how our foodies could best benefit from the Masterchef of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Michelin-starred Chef Greg Malouf

Chef Greg is the first of many, Michelin-starred chefs on ChefXChange in Dubai and wants to share his love of Middle Eastern cuisine with our foodies! He has opened up the doors to his private kitchen to 8 passionate foodies for an exclusive cooking class to explore the art of Middle Eastern cuisine influenced by his international culinary experience.

The cooking class will be at his residence and will be held on June 2nd, 2016. Over the course of 2.5 hours, he will guide 8 foodies through various iconic dishes for which he has received international recognition.

Michelin-starred Chef Greg Malouf

A warm personality and a passionate foodie, Chef Greg is always happy to talk about his culinary adventures and what he believes are essential aspects that complete a meal. He is the international authoritative figure on Middle Eastern cuisine and has authored multiple books through which he shares his best recipes and key ingredients.

Chef Greg is also available for private dinners and can be contacted through ChefXChange to organize your private Michelin-starred culinary experience.