The Sugar Apple fruit aka Annona Squamosa

Have you ever heard of this mysterious, yet fantastic fruit? Even better, have you ever tasted it? Annona Squamosa is a must-try; a true delicacy worth discovering. 

This odd looking fruit is very famous in Lebanon and the surrounding areas. Its exterior is bumpy, while its flesh is soft, light, and delicate; it tastes like custard. Funny enough, it is also known as a custard apple. Although a bit floury, its sweetness and creamy texture is simply a daydream. 

Its exquisite, slippery segments generally contain seeds of about 1cm in size. In one fruit, you can count on 30 seeds, give or take. High in energy, the Annona Squamosa holds a great amount of Vitamin C and helps control sugar levels. Not that you need another reason to try this fruit, but it contains magnesium as well, which plays an important role in protecting and strengthening our muscles. 

Annona squamosa


We think it would be delicious in a mousse, accompanied by savory strawberries. Simple but foodgasmic!– a stunning end a dinner.

Challenge our Private Chefs to utilize Annona Squamosa in your next unique culinary experience! 

Tip: to measure its maturity, hold the stem and try to remove it delicately. If it easily loosens from the rest of the fruit, it means it is ready to be eaten.

Bon Appetit!