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Personal Chefs can seem like elusive creatures.  Many people think that only those that sleep on a bed made of money can afford a personal Chef, but that couldn’t be more wrong.  Starting at £40 a head in London (more here) and AED 200 a head in Dubai (more here).  Now that we’ve busted that myth, let’s bust another, the myth that Personal Chefs just cook for celebrities.  Actually, they do a heck of a lot more!  Let’s take a look at what Personal Chefs do.

The Ultimate Guide On What Personal Chefs Do?

Cater Events

Chef preparing food

Private Chef Myles in Birmingham plating food to be served

First and foremost they cater events, they cater events from intimate 2 people dinner parties all the way up to large weddings.  Each Personal Chef has a team behind them that helps from sourcing ingredients to preparation to cooking. 

Menu Creation

Chef preparing food

Personal Chef Maxime in Dubai trying new menu ideas

They are constantly trying out new menu ideas, whether it’s for a dinner party they are catering or a client they are helping to develop new menus.


Chef at food market

Private Chef Andrea in Beirut buying ingredients at a food market

Along with menu creation comes innovation.  Personal Chefs are some of the boldest inventors there are, take Chef Andrea in London for example, he puts pineapple with wasabi meringue and white chocolate together, something we never would have thought of!

Restaurant Consultancy

Food lined up

Private Chef Joshua in Brighton training restaurant staff

Another interesting thing what personal chefs do is restaurant consultancy. As Personal Chefs are always trying out new menus, ideas and inventing new flavour combinations, it only makes sense that they would consult restaurants.  Whether the restaurant is revamping and they need assistance with aesthetics, or are changing their menu, need to train staff, or they are hoping to win a Michelin star, our Personal Chefs can help with it.

Nutritional Consultancy

Chef preparing food

Chef Parveen in Cambridge preparing food

Simply due to their wealth of knowledge about food, Personal Chefs are the best people for nutritional consultancy. Forget your personal trainer down at the gym, our Chefs really know what they’re talking about.  As they have trained many years for their qualifications, it seems only simple for them to add a nutritional consultancy qualification into the mix.  If you’re looking for some help why not reach out to us here for some help.

Meal Planning

Chef in a kitchen

Personal Chef Khalid in London planning meals with a customer

Something that goes hand in hand with nutritional consultancy is meal planning. Personal Chefs can introduce you to the most important food groups to help you acheive your goals and then put together meal plans with you, along with recipes too.

Fridge Fillers

Fridge fillers

Personal Chef Holly in London preparing her fridge filler menu

If you don’t have time to make the meals yourself, don’t worry! Our Chefs can prepare them in advance and either deliver them every meal or deliver them a couple of times a week for you to pre-heat.  If you like, they can come to your house and prepare the meals in your kitchen leaving them in your fridge to eat when needed.  And even if you aren’t on a specific diet but just don’t have time, or the will to cook, our Chefs can help you too.  When it starts at only £8 to have a full meal delivered why would you not?  

Cooking Lessons

Cutting up mackerel

Chef de-boning mackerel

And finally, they can teach you a thing or two!  

Why not learn from the pros?  Sure, you can attend a cooking class where you’ll be one in a group of 20 praying you’ll take something useful away.  Or you could save that money you would spend on a course of cooking lessons and instead spend it on some quality hours with a Personal Chef.  They will understand exactly what you are wanting to learn as well as understanding your strengths and weaknesses, then provide you with invaluable tips, as well as a lasting friendship!

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If you now have realised just how many things Personal Chefs could help you with then browse our Chefs here to ask them questions, or if you have a specific request then write it here.