Vegan Guide in Dubai

Hundreds of people in Dubai avoid eating any animal products, such as meat or fish but also eggs or any dairy products. It is a lifestyle more than just a diet, protecting animals, refusing to use any element coming from animals, especially in food. Here is a quick vegan guide in dubai that will help you find your ways for those who would like to try this practice.

#1: What is the philosophy behind veganism?

Vegans denounce the bad treatments and care given to animals. The first who created this movement was a British rights advocate who created the Vegan Society in 1944. For Donald Watson, exploiting animals reminds us of the exploitation of human slaves and has to be avoided. Honey, milk, chocolate, silk, ordinary soaps are among the list that vegans should avoid. But being vegan implies planning well your meals in order to follow your beliefs.  A vegan eating can also be temporarily as a detox. Why not try it for a week and see how meals can be created around it? Ask Chef Radina to make a Thai vegan menu for you and your friends, or Chef Omar‘s exquisite Lebanese cocktail menu.  

Quinoa Salad, ChefXChange, Chef Omar

Chef Omar‘s Quinoa Salad-cocktail


#2: Where to buy vegan products?

The Organic Food and Cafe offers products for vegetarians and vegans, with a list of options that can be bought such as floor Gluten Free wheat Free and for a vegan diet as well as this pasta soup and 3 beans suitable for vegans.

Try Bestro, a raw organic restaurant in Gallerie Lafayette featured by Foodiva. Imagine trying a raw vegan pizza or zuccini noodle suitable for a vegan diet.

A great design and cosy place for vegans is Comptoir 102, on Jumeirah Road. Enjoy a healthy juice and find out vintage, chic jewellery with a delicious Italian salad or one of their pita sandwiches with avocado, cucumber, spring onions and tahini dressing.

Vegan Guide, Dubai, food shopping


#3: Renouncing to what you like

Are you a chocoholic, a cheese lover or simply are used to a breakfast with eggs or milk? Being a vegan is a state of mind that will test your will, but can give you a lot of healthy benefits. Planning in advance your meals makes you even more aware of what you eat and how your body can sustain without animal products.

chocolate, non vegan breakfast, dubai


#4: The Vegan community in Dubai

The vegan community is pretty active, gathering markets, restaurants and coffee shops, stores, hairdressers, vegan cooking classes and sections of vegan food inside some supermarkets like Waitrose or Almaya. Find an exhaustive list for vegans in Dubai in this article.


Are you a vegan yourself or trying to adopt this practice? Tell us more about your experience of being a vegan in Dubai and share with us a typical meal that you recommend for those who’d like to go vegan.

If you are interested in trying out or entering the movement, our talented chefs will be able to create a customized menu for your next ChefXChange experience. Our private chefs can even support you in giving you advices while they prepare a delicious dish for you and your loved ones!