This is How You Do a Bachelorette Party

We’ve all gone to a club for a Bachelorette Party… It’s a bit too overdone, no? It’s a big bash like any other big bash but with a bride-to-be at the centre. That same bash will happen again on the Wedding day, but bigger, better and with a groom and bride.

A bride to be

We think that if you’re the bridesmaid, the best friend, the sister, or if you care about the bride, you would create a special, distinctive bachelorette event- something that will stand out and make HER feel special. We’ve all googled bachelorette ideas, the same results always show up… as if everyone exhausted their bachelorette party creativity! BUT NO! We haven’t 🙂 If you really want to pamper your bestie or sissy, how about treating her to a stress-free dinner party with the girls? All she has to do is eat delicious food, drink some fine wine and smile for the camera! And that’s exactly what one of our foodies decided to do. Being a bridesmaid, she had the responsibility and stress of organizing the bachelorette party. She wanted to do something somewhat unique and novel, nothing too deja-vu. She decided to Book Private Chef Karim for a Bachelorette dinner party.


The Menu


Asian cuisine menu for bachelorette party


The Feedback

“Chef Karim has the devotion, passion and savoir-faire that leave you asking for more. His culinary creations translate into delicious dishes from the salmon tartare, to the beef, to his mouth watering ginger cheese cake. A true epicurean feast! Definitely made my bachelorette a one of a kind. Already booking him for my next event.” – Mira, The Bride-to-be

“Chef karim succeeded in embarking us on a one of a kind culinary journey. Not only did he make us discover new tastes and exotic products but he added to our Bachelorette dinner a light and fun touch. Thanks a lot for this memorable evening!” – Nay, The Bridesmaid


To add a personal touch to the bachelorette, check these Bachelor and Bachelorette DIY decoration ideas. You’ll want to do them all!

Now, you know you know what to do for a Bachelorette party. Make it extra special and pamper the future bride. Book your Private Chef for the night!