Three Detox Tips for the Summer

Spring is here and summer is knocking on our doors. Everything that we have been eating during the winter and hiding under our clothes will start showing. On top of that, in winter we tend to consume more sugary food to make us feel warmer during the cold nights, and we stay in more which unsurprisingly can lead to eating a lot of snacks which are junk for the most part.  

We all go through this phase and sometimes it is really hard to get back on our healthy lifestyle; thus, I am recommending these few steps to help you start detoxing and get back to your normal healthy life routine.

The first thing you need to do to start your cleansing and detox process is to get rid of all the junk food in your pantry that you have been eating during the winter. Cleaning up your kitchen cabinets and fridge are very important, as you won’t be tempted to eat the junk you throw away. Detoxing your body from all the “bad” things you have been consuming requires the power of will.


Here are few of my favourite detox tips:

Sugar is out:

I normally start by throwing out all the sugar. Sugar is bad for you on so many levels and also not good if you want to lose those extra kilos/pounds that you’ve put on. In a previous blog post we wrote about healthy sugar substitutes, which I highly recommend. I’ve found that once you are past the 2 week mark of no sugar, your body will get used to it and you will not crave it anymore. Be careful of sauces, and dressings as sugar is frequently an unsuspected ingredient.

White Sugar


Infused Water:

There are many recipes for infused water with different types of fruits or vegetables. My ultimate personal favorite is lemon-infused water with mint leaves and cucumber. Slice a full lemon, half a cucumber and 3-4 mint leaves and put them in a jar of ½ liter of water and let them sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, drink the whole jar of water, then add more water to keep drinking throughout the day.

lemon water detox

Lemon infused water has proven to contain tremendous health benefits:

  • It increases your energy throughout the day. For this reason, many people find drinking warm lemon water in the morning a good alternative to coffee, even using it to help with caffeine withdrawals.
  • Lemon water also helps soothe indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and burping.
  • Lemon water is a very inexpensive detox and it is filled with health benefits. However, make sure to wash your lemon before slicing it and putting it in your glass.


Get Moving:

It is true that it’s 80% about what you put in your body; however, getting some exercise is great for your body and mind as well. Studies suggest that moving for 30 minutes per day is the minimum recommended time. My post-winter routine generally starts with alternating power walking and 2 minutes of running– for 30 minutes– for the first week. I try not to go too hard on my body, thus 3 times a week would be great! Two weeks later and I am ready to step it up a notch and join a gym or go for longer runs.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these few tips and follow them. In no time, you will be ready for the summer with great level of energy!  We, at ChefXChange, know that our busy lives might not allow us to eat healthy and concentrate on eating the right things for our bodies at all times. That’s why we have private chefs at your disposal to come make the best quality food for you and cater to your dietary needs.