Top 10 Scandals and Baking Disasters in the Great British Bake Off

We are bringing you the 10 best scandals and baking disasters in the Great British Bake Off.  This is because here at ChefXchange we love a good scandal and we love the Great British Bake Off so we’ve put them together. Read below to see them:

10th Place: Rob Drops his Cake

Series 2: Rob dropped his three tier genoise sponge on the floor as he was presenting it to the judges ?. The nerves of being on the show must have got to him! Paul Hollywood helped him resuce his bake and they had one tier to try, lucky because it was Mary’s favourite bake.


9th Place: Ginger Bread House Failure

Ginger Bread House

By: momo

Series 6: During the show stopper the bakers were tasked with creating a biscuit tin and set of biscuits.  However, Alvin ran out of time and didn’t construct his gingerbread house, if only Hansel and Gretel had had the same luck! He had to present the parts of the ginger bread house, which didn’t look at all like the photo above.  But his brandy snaps were good enough to bring him back from the brink of elimination and he stayed in the competition.


8: When Mary Got High

Hemp Yorkshire Tea Loaf

Series 4: Mary was introduced to her first sight of Hemp when Howard baked a Hemp Yorkshire Tea Loaf. She was so innocent that she asked Howard if it was grass, stating that she didn’t know anything about Hemp. Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks, we wonder if she’s been using the ingredient at home.


7th Place: Sweet or Salty?

Series 3: When John was cooking Rum Babas he used salt instead of sugar, what a rooky mistake! He still served the bake even though it was inedible, Mary didn’t even try them and Paul Hollywood had to spit the bake out. He went on to win the series, there is hope for all of us!


6th Place: Smeg-gate

Series 3: We used to see the beloved Smeg fridges line the bake off tent, but they have disappeared, due to a product placement controversy. Even though the fridges were loaned to the production it was not seen as enough to have their brand on the show. Smeg has also had to remove its association with the show from their website ?.


5th Place: Innuendo-Gate

All Series: Mel and Sue are forever making us smirk with their quick wit and humour, (we’ve put a photo of a cupcake here as we’re trying to cater for all audiences, sorry!)  However, not all viewers are so happy about this saying that it is no longer a family show. We think the innuendos make the show and so do the contestants and judges, banter is part of our everyday life and we think the humour of the show is one of the reasons the show is so popular. Sue and Mel are nothing compared to Mary, who is really the dark horse when it comes to her innuendos. Watch the next episode carefully and we’re sure you’ll agree with us. Our personal favourite is ‘Some of them have got a good forking’ ?.


4th Place: Severed Finger

Series 3: John has made it twice into our top ten this time when he cut his hand in a food processor, this is the stuff of nightmares! Bet you’re glad we chose a photo of a food processor, rather than John’s finger.  He attempted to continue with his bake wearing a glove but the finger was severed so badly he had to abandon his strudel. In an attempt to be fair no one was eliminated that week.


3rd Place: Dorret’s Mousse Disaster

Chocolate Mousse

By: m01229

Series 6: Dorret’s gateux was meant to have a chocolate mousse middle, but it hadn’t set. She decided to put it in the freezer, but it was too late, as she attempted to take it out of the wrapping it all collapsed. She did her best to rectify the situation, served what she had left and managed to stay in the competition.  Go Dorret!  The photo above isn’t what Dorret made, it’s what a set chocolate mousse looks like, for Dorret’s future reference ?.


2nd Place: Custard-Gate 


By: Nathan

Series 4: The runner-up is Deborah using Howard’s custard, instead of her own in her trifle.  She claims it was an accident, but we believe it was sabotage, will we ever know? However, the Judges are forever showing us their greatness and they took this into account whilst judging. They actually ended up eliminating her off the show, even the stolen custard couldn’t save her.


1st Place: Bin-Gate 

Baked Alaska cake

By: vxla

Series 5: And we have awarded first place to Ian with his Baked Alaska Disaster, it didn’t look like the photo above ?.  Ian’s ice cream didn’t set and many blamed it on Diana, who took it out of the freezer for one minute, as she needed space for her own ice-cream.  Ian then threw his entire cake in the bin out of rage, and served it to Mary Berry in a bin bag, hmmm she was not impressed.  In fact they were so unimpressed he was eliminated that episode.  Diana left the series later on due to illness and although we know it wasn’t due to national outrage, as the show-aired months after the incident, we do have a feeling it was due to the huge guilt.

What do you think about these disasters and scandals, do you have any others?  Let us know in the comments below.  If you don’t feel like having another disaster in the kitchen, get one of our London Personal Chefs to teach you how to cook.

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