Top 5 Foods to Improve Your Health (Part 2)

Foodies, we promised you another 5 foods to improve your health and we always stick to our promises. So here they are with some tips on how to eat them:

1: Almonds

5 foods to improve your health; almonds

Some of you may not eat almonds as they have a high calorie content, but actually they can aid weight loss. They do this by giving a feeling of fullness and preventing overeating. Almonds can also help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Try baking almonds with honey and cumin for a tasty honey glazed almond snack.


2: Eggs

5 foods to improve your health; eggs

Yes eggs may be high in cholesterol, but they don’t adversely actually effect cholesterol. Eggs are the best source of protein that has been found! They are also packed full of nutrients and can help increase brain function. So take a boiled egg to work with you for your lunch and see how much it increases your afternoon productivity. Try eating eggs baked in tomato skins with pesto.


3: Pomegranates

5 foods to improve your health; pomegranates

Pomegranates are the most powerful anti-oxidant fruit and your body will thank you for eating them. They can also help lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, which helps with blood circulation.   Pomegranates also help support the immune system, so they are a great fruit to eat when you are feeling run down. Try making a salsa with pomegranates by mixing them with cucumber and red onion.


4: Ginger

5 foods to improve your health; ginger

There was an old wives tale that ginger helps with motion sickness and it most certainly does, chewing on raw ginger when you have a nausea feeling should cure it. It is also effective in reducing inflammation, especially with muscles and can reduce muscle soreness.   Ginger is also great for aiding digestion, so if you’ve had a heavy meal have a cup of ginger tea. Try making ginger into a tea by grating raw ginger and boiling it with lemon juice and honey.


5: Red Wine

5 foods to improve your health; red wine

Now we aren’t saying that alcohol solves all problems but we are saying that a small amount of red wine each day can help. Red wine is a powerful antioxidant and can also hep with memory retention. It also contains a chemical that can help remove blood clots, which helps to reduce the risk of strokes.  Red wine also contains tannins that help to protect against heart disease. Finally there is a chemical in the skin of red grapes that has anti-ageing properties, something no one can resist! Try drinking read wine with…, wait there is only one way to drink red wine. Pour yourself a glass to the widest part of the glass, but all in moderation for its health benefits, otherwise it does the opposite to improving your health.


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Now what are you foodies waiting for? We’ve given you the facts now get eating! Have you been trying out last week’s recommendations? Let us know in the comments below and tell us any healthy foods you think could rival ours, we always love to hear what you think.