Top 5 Foods to Improve Your Health (Part 1)

OK, foodies, there’s a lot of information out there about the top health foods, but we’ve been trying and testing and these are our favourite 5 foods to improve your health.  Now you can forget those supplements as you can get the same health effects from natural food.  Read below for the foods and some ideas on how to eat them:

1: Avocados


They are often criticized for their high fat content but don’t worry this is the good kind of fat and is essential to the body’s functioning. The fat in avocados actually helps absorb nutrients from other plant foods.  Avocados are great because they have tonnes of fiber and nutrients in and they contain an antioxidant for clearer skin. Try eating them with lemon juice, black pepper and paprika.

2: Apples

Granny Smith Apples in a basket

It really is true that an apple a day helps keep the doctor away as they help to control blood sugar, which can prevent type 2 diabetes. Apples can also help keep the dentist away as they prevent tooth decay due to the way we eat apples, which produces more saliva that fends off bacteria. They are also great for clearing toxins, so if you ever feel in need of a detox just eat a few apples.  It is true what our mothers always told us that the skin is the best part, the skin is packed with all these important chemicals, so go organic and eat the skin.   Try eating them a bit of peanut butter spread on top.

3: Blueberries

Blueberries in punnets

Blueberries may just be the answer if you find you forget things, as they can help improve memory. They do this by increasing brain function, which makes them a perfect mid-afternoon snack at work to beat that post-lunchtime lag.  They are also a natural source of vitamin c so are great when you’re feeling run-down and can help with boosting the bacteria in the gut.  Try eating them with natural yoghurt and granola.

4: Cabbage


Some people may avoid this due to its unwanted side effects (we won’t say anymore) but cabbage is great for the immune system and a great blood purifier, so if you’ve had an eventful weekend and feel the need for a detox stock up on the cabbage!  There’s also only 25 calories in 100 grams of cabbage, how great is that?  Try eating shredded cabbage with almonds and raisins and poppy seed oil drizzled on top.

5: Garlic

String of Garlic

Garlic is often associated with fending off vampires, but it also has some beneficial health effects.  It is great for lowering cholesterol and blood fat levels, it’s also an antibacterial and antiviral, so next time you feel a cold coming along have some baked garlic.  If you’re not worried about the vampires you can neutralize the garlic breath with some parsley.   Try eating whole baked garlic along with Mediterranean vegetables.

Now foodies get eating these foods and see how much better you feel, we’ll be bringing you another 5 foods to improve your health next week. If you want to have a healthier diet and don’t have time to cook, hire a personal chef in London to cook for you.