Top 6 Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Perfect Dinner Party in Dubai

One of our Private Chefs in Dubai has given us their top 6 tips to decorate your home and throw the best dinner party in Dubai.  Our Private Chef talks us through creating a dinner theme, picking flowers, trying new things out and making the most of the night.  She has seen many dinner parties, catering for them as well as throwing them herself so following these tips will create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests. 

#1: Create a unique dinner theme

Choose among different themes and start your decoration following this idea: why not host a French style dinner or an artistic Mediterranean gathering and impress your guests! 

Dinner theme, decorate your home for a dinner party in Dubai


#2: Pick flowers for your table

Select pink or blue flowers and arrange them with candles, to arrange them in a beautiful centerpiece, and add more of these for a bigger table. Flowers always give a nice touch to your house, and a refreshing look despite the heat of Dubai.

flowers to decorate your home for a dinner party in Dubaite


#3: Try new styles

New trends will surprise your guests and even yourself, turning your living-room into a revamped place. A vintage look combines elegance with originality with beautiful shades of green or blue.

© Reed Davis photography

vintage style to decorate your home for a dinner party in Dubai


#4: Let the music play!

Ask your friends for advice to perfect your atmosphere with nice music: nostalgic cult songs, romantic groove or latin music? Choose depending on the mood you want to create!

Music Selection for the perfect dinner party in Dubai


#5: Choose the best produce

The day of your dinner, or one day before maximum, use your list of food shopping planned in advance, but don’t stress if you can’t find it. A replacement can always be made, even last-minute! We strongly recommend getting your veggies and fruits from Green Heart Organic UAE

Food basket, 6 ways to decorate your home for a perfect dinner in Dubai


#6: Get some support

Way too much hassle in preparing the perfect dinner? Get our Personal Chefs help you and ask for their advice in giving you their expertise, to cook for you and enjoy a culinary adventure with your favorite cuisine! 

Dinner Party in Dubai with your private chef


Enjoy a unique dinner with your friends or loved ones! Share these decoration tips and tell us about your most useful advice for a perfect decoration at home in the comments below! 

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