The Complete Step By Step Recipe Of Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu

Christmas is still two months away, but it is such a joyous season that just thinking of it makes me feel festive. The whole family gathered together, getting cozy by the fireplace. Christmas is many different things to each of us and it is really hard to say what should be on the traditional Christmas dinner menu. Mostly because every household has its own traditions and origins. Traditions are important to keep but also it’s necessary to add the new ones. So even if you have your grandmas recipes for all the Christmas dishes, there is always space for trying one or two new things. Perhaps you will find that some of the delicious traditional Christmas dinner menu dishes proposed by us could find a permanent place on your holiday table!The complete step by step recipe of traditional Christmas dinner menu

The complete step by step recipe of traditional Christmas dinner menu

In my family, one of the bigger traditions that scream ‘Christmas is coming!!’ is baking small cookies in the week proceeding Christmas Eve. Every year we have a specific set of the ones that have been with us every single year, mostly coming from my grandma’s recipe book which by now is barely readable. Since I have left my house as an adult, I have decided to add few new cookies to the baking schedule every year. Some of them have been a massive disappointment and remained left uneaten until New Year’s Eve, but some have become so loved that now they must be present every year.

The lovely Christmas dinner menu that you can find here is a set of delicious classics that may be slightly different from what you are used to. You do not have to swap everything around, but it’s surely a good idea to give some of these recipes a go. I am sure you will find one or two that you love!

Traditional Christmas dinner menu – Liver Paté


Did anyone order a liver paté? A smooth, delicious paté that will be a great entrée on your Christmas table. If you like the classic flavor you may want to go for a Fois Gras, but have a look at this amazing recipe that we recommend. You can prepare it in advance and in a bigger batch. This way, you will not only get a delicious appetizer on the day but you can pre-make it and have one less trouble to think about. 

Traditional Christmas dinner menu – Turkey


No Christmas dinner can be complete without a roast turkey. We recommend trying a garlic, lemon and parsley roast. It tastes really fresh because of the garnish and it’s a lovely new way of preparing it. 

Traditional Christmas dinner menu – Roasted veggies and Potatoes

Veggies Veggies

Just like the turkey, roast veggies are a must. There are plenty of options when it comes to the sides. You can do the traditional brussels sprouts sauteed in butter or perhaps honey glazed carrots. If you are slightly pressured with time, I recommend preparing a mixed roasted veggies as well as some roasted potatoes! They are not labor intensive but still taste amazing.

Traditional Christmas dinner menu – Red Cabbage


This red cabbage with apples is a delicious option! The apples will bring out the sweetness of the cabbage, but combined with spices it will be just the perfect side for the turkey and roasted veggies!

Traditional Christmas dinner menu – Gravy


In my opinion, gravy is optional, I am personally not a fan, but remember about your guests! Turkey is one of the meats that just likes to get a little dry. Of course, it should not be, but in the Christmas stress, you never know if everything will turn out just the way you want it. So just for the sake of you being relaxed that everyone loves the food, it’s definitely good to have the gravy on the table, especially if it is as good as this one.

Traditional Christmas dinner menu – Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding

No big dinner can be complete without a dessert and on a Christmas day, there is one in particular that needs to be present – the Christmas Pudding

Traditional Christmas dinner menu – Eggnog


After all the food you probably will fall into a food coma, which also is something to be ticked off the ‘to do’ list during the holiday season. When you have digested all the delicious dishes that we have mentioned and perhaps went for a walk, you deserve to sit down and relax with a bit of homemade eggnog!

If you would like to have an amazing Christmas dinner and not stress about drying out the turkey or burning the veggies, book one of our amazing Private Chefs to come and the cooking, while you put your legs up and enjoy your time off work!

ChefXChange family wishes you warm and delicious Christmas spent with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!??