Trip to Maltby Street Market

This weekend we visited Maltby Street Market: Lassaco, 41 Maltby Street, SE1 3PA otherwise known as Ropewalk.  There is a mix of food stalls, hot food stalls and cafe’s, most with witty names such as ‘The Gay Farmer’.  Hidden down a narrow street about 15 minutes away from London Bridge it’s really only the locals that know about it.  We discovered it from quite a bit of researching on the web, to bring you a list of markets that true Londoners know about and that you may not have visited before.

Matlby Farmers Market

Entrance to Maltby Street Market

The Gay Farmer


Gay Farmer Stall

Gay Farmer Stall at Maltby Street Market

As we entered the market there was a luxury olive oil stall called ‘The Gay Farmer’ we didn’t dare question where the name came from!  The stall was very busy, not just because of the unusual name but because of the high quality of olive oil.  We heard many people speaking to the stall owner about the change of packaging, he clearly had a lot of repeat customers due to his humour and quality of produce.


Scotch Eggs


Scotch Egg Stall

Scotch Egg Stall at Maltby Street Market

The next stall we visited was one that specialised in scotch eggs.  He had many different varieties of scotch eggs including; black pudding, breakfast and even a vegetarian option.  He also had sausage rolls, pork pies, croquet with various fillings and quiche slices.  The stall owner asked you if you wanted to eat it now or take it home.  If you wanted to eat it now he dressed your food choice with salt, pepper, lemon juice and paprika if you wanted, he definitely made a show of it!  We asked him if the master curator behind the food would be at the Scotch Egg Challenge, but to our dismay he will not be attending.


Food stalls


Chocolate Truffle Stall and Bad Brownie Stall

Chocolate Truffle Stall and Bad Brownie Stall at Maltby Street Market

There was an array of food stalls, including one that had 12 different types of chocolate truffles and many cake stands.  The fresh juice and smoothie stall was a hit with nearly everyone and so was the coffee stall, especially because they did iced coffee which was perfect for the sweltering day.


Hot Food Stalls


Hot Food Stalls

Hot-food stalls at Maltby Street Market

Most hot food stalls served BBQ’d food, there were steak and chips, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs and burgers, a delight for the hungover soul!

With the feel of everyone knowing each other, including customers and people that ran the stalls we knew this was a market especially reserved for those of the area.  This is definitely the place to visit if you want to taste fantastic street food, skip the tourists and have a busy community feel.

And here’s a little selfie of us outside the market, because we love selfies!  And also so you know what we look like to look out for us at other markets, come and approach us for some freebies/vouchers.

Maltby Street Market

Selfie outside Maltby Street Market

Are there any markets you have been to that you think we should visit?  Comment with them below.

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