UEFA Euro 2016 Food Edition

With the Euro kicking off this evening in St-Denis with France v Romania, we thought we’d have our own little tournament of the teams.  This one is for all the food lovers out there even if you’re not a football fan, that goes for a few of us here!  We have made our own UEFA 2016 Euro Food Edition, where instead of football the countries compete based on their national/traditional dishes. We have all voted for our dishes in the same format as the football matches.  

Will Spain manage to win for the third time in a row?  Will Germany get revenge on Spain for stealing their trophy in 2008?  See how it all plays out below:

Groupings by Country & Dish:

UEFA Euro 2016 Team Food Groups


Leading up to the Round of 16, these were our results after 36 matches:

UEFA Euro 2016 Food Edition


Knockout Phases:

So after removing 6 teams from the group stage, who had great national dishes, they just didn’t quite cut it we are moving onto the knockout phases. Of the 6-3rd place teams, the 2 teams (Hungary, Poland) with the lowest number of points were eliminated and the other 4 (Belgium, Albania, Russia, Croatia) proceeded to the Round of 16.

UEFA Euro 2016 Food Edition




Having had to take out some very good contenders in a very fierce knockout stage we move onto the quarterfinals.


UEFA Euro 2016 Food Edition Quarter Finals



With a semi-final of neighbouring countries, we move onto very close semifinals with amazing dishes.



UEFA Euro 2016 Food Edition Semi Finals


Who would have predicted a final of Spain vs Austria?  See who the winner is below!

Third Place Match: Germany with Currywurst v Portugal with Peri-Peri Chicken – Portugal is the winner

So in third place, we have Portugal and fourth place we have Germany.

Final Match: Spain with Paella v Austria with Weiner Schnitzel


And the winner is SPAIN! We just couldn’t resist the scrumptious combination of seafood, chicken, and rice, who wouldn’t?

UEFA Euro 2016 Food Edition Final Match


We wonder if this is a real prediction, time to get to the betting shop perhaps! Though we are confident in our predictions, someone on our team believes that France will win…



How about you? Play this yourself and let us know your results in the comments below. 

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