Picnic Food to Enjoy with Your Family: Ultimate Picnic List

Picnics are a wonderful occasion to gather around for some quality family time. It’s an enjoyable gathering where you get to take in the beautiful scenery and fresh air of the great outdoors. A proper outing, however, is not complete without some packed picnic food. A few light meals and snacks go a long way into boosting the quality of the time you spend together with family. Planning the perfect outing can be a hassle. But when it comes to food, don’t sweat it. Because ChefXChange is here for you. we will give you the ultimate picnic food list that a great picnic must have. So without further ado, here is the ultimate list of the best picnic food!

Picnic Food to Enjoy with Your Family: Ultimate Picnic List

picnic food

Quinoa salad

Picnic Food

Chicken watermelon taco

This is an interesting take on the classic Taco recipe. It is great for hot summertime picnics where you want something filling and cool at the same time. Some may think that using watermelon cubes instead of tomatoes is a bit weird, but trust us; the texture and taste will pleasantly surprise you!


Antipasto is a quintessential picnic food if you are in a hurry and want to satisfy everyone’s taste (almost everyone. You can never be too sure!). This staple Italian appetizer is sure to turn your picnic into a mini-feast with colorful foods.

Chicken Salad

picnic food

This simple yet effective dish is a must-have for a balanced and light meal. This is ideal for picnics as it is easy to make and easy to pack, and most importantly easy to digest. So you can focus on what picnics are all about: Having a great time with your family!

Blueberry Brownies

picnic food

And now, we conclude our list as everyone should conclude the perfect meal: with the perfect dessert of course. Taking inspiration from the lovely jungle fruits around your picnic; we present to you the blueberry brownie in all its glory. This mouth-watering treat will be the cherry (or shall we say: the berry!) on top of all the fun you had at the picnic.

Make sure to try these dishes in your next picnic outing. After you have had the best time in the great outdoors, maybe you will want to host a high-end private dinner party for your friends from the comfort of your home! Well, we’ve got you covered, make sure to check our private chefs for a once in a lifetime experience!