The Ultimate Sugar Free Lemonade Recipe

As the saying goes: When life gives you lemons; make lemonade. That cool refreshing drink has always given us great energy, spirit, and zest for life. This drink is ideal for the scorching summer heat. But it may pose a problem in that it puts a dent in all the hard work we’ve put to achieve the ultimate summer body. This drink is usually made with a lot of sugar to balance out its tangy taste. So how can we enjoy a glass of this rejuvenating elixir without the dread of empty calories? We are going to show you how to make the tastiest sugar-free lemonade.

The Ultimate Sugar Free Lemonade Recipe


The ultimate sugar free Lemonade recipe

We will now guide you through this marvelous recipe. All great recipes have to start with the freshest of ingredients. For that reason, you should pay a visit to your local grocery shop or even better: the local fruit market. Skip the store-bought stuff, and go straight to the soft yellow delicious lemons. 

Fresh Lemons

The next step is to cut the lemons up and get squeezing (you might end up with a great workout too, so its double the gains). You will want to extract as much juice as you want while squeezing the fruits, a professional tip to help you here is rolling the lemons on a table-top and applying some gentle pressure on them. This will allow the juice to become concentrated in the center of the fruit.

Next up, (and this is where the magic happens) add sugar.

I am only joking, that is totally unacceptable. Sugar is the enemy and you should be as far away from it as humanly possible. Luckily for everyone with a sweet tooth and a summer body resolution, we at ChefXChange have tinkered with many recipes to bring you the ultimate natural sweetener. (and no it’s not stevia)

Ready for it…

It’s grape juice. Surprised? Well, don’t be. Grape is naturally very sweet. Mixing it in with your lemon juice will surely combat the tang and make for a sweet refreshment. In fact, It will probably be more refined than any other lemonade you have ever had.

But I came here for a lemonade recipe, not a virgin Chardonnay!

Well don’t you worry; with a proper ratio (2:1 to be exact), you would only taste a sweet lemonade drink with just a hint of grapes. The reason behind this is that Grape juice has a neutral yet very sweet taste. That is why it won’t mask the zesty flavor of the lemons. If you want to be a 100% purist go for white grape juice instead of red and you won’t have to sacrifice the lovely yellow of your lemonade.

Fresh lemonade

So to recap, here’s what to do. In a large container mix 2 cups of grape juice for every 1 cup of water. Then mix 6 cups of this cocktail for every 1 cup of lemon juice. and please feel free to tinker with this recipe as much as you want and tell us all about it in the comments. You want some amazing summer desserts to go with your perfect lemonade? Check out these recipes that our talented chefs prepared.