5 Unique Hen Party Ideas That You Will Love and Never Regret

Getting married is a big deal so in order to get prepared the right of passage of a hen party is a necessity. We have all probably seen at least one of those crazy American movies, where hen or bachelor parties get totally out of control. But don’t clubs seem kind of overrated and boring? Have a look at our unique hen party ideas that will make the bride feel special and you will never get blamed for throwing a bad party!

unique hen party ideas

Does throwing your friend’s hen party have to be a nightmare? Being the maid of honour can be difficult, there are a lot of emotions and a lot of preparations. Hen nights have to be fun, but also appropriate, plus you need to invite all the crucial people like the bride’s future mother or sister in law. There are things you can do to make it more fun and less of a burden. First of all get some help. Try to get the other bridesmaids or close friends involved in the planning. Then all the duties become more bearable. Write down a list of things that the bride likes to do the most and see, which one you can make a fun activity for everyone. Make a list of people that cannot miss the event. Send out the invitations early on, so the crucial people do not bail on you last minute. Having the idea and RSVPs ready is the hardest part, after that, you can relax and get the bookings. Easy!

5 Unique hen party ideas that you will love and never regret

Belly dancing classes or Bollywood dancing classes

Belly Dancing

Dancing doesn’t have to be only for athletes. With learning how to do belly dancing you will knock all the girls, moms and grandmas off their feet. They will be talking about your hen party idea long after the wedding. You will learn a new skill and it’s simply something entertaining to do regardless of participant’s age. Belly dancing is fun, sparkly and sensual. You’ll have the best laughs doing this. 

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Hire a private chef for a hen dinner party

chef garnishing dish

This unique hen party idea will be loved by all your guests. When you know that throwing a nice dinner party will be the answer to your prayers, but you don’t have time or patience for cooking, do not hesitate to hire a private chef to do all the work for you. Your guests will have the pleasure of eating the finest food in the more relaxed atmosphere of your house or garden and you do not have to worry about anything apart from looking fabulous and entertaining the bride and her family. It’s a stylish but accessible solution, especially easy to achieve with one of our extraordinary Private Chefs.

Afternoon tea on the top deck of an open bus

Tea Party Cake

This hen party idea from our list of unique hen party ideas is especially great if you know your crowd is calmer and peace loving. Also, delightful start to an evening if some of the guests are from outside of the city or country. You can show them London in it’s finest and enjoy afternoon tea and snacks doing so. No need to be exhausted from the sightseeing. Sit back and enjoy the views.

Hire a bartender for a cocktail house party


A hen party idea on the more sparkling side of life. Get ready for some bubbles and cocktails with umbrellas. This will be lovely whether it’s the middle of the summer and your bartender will be serving a pina colada on the edge of the swimming pool or winter cold days when it’s nice to gather around the fireplace and drink some spiced brandy.

Sushi making – cooking class with Michelin-starred chef

Making sushi

We finish our list for unique hen party ideas with an absolute winner: sushi making classes. Sushi took us by storm many years ago but can you actually make it? The Japanese are so enchanting with their way of living and their way of cooking. Sushi is a form of art. Nevertheless, art that can be taught with our sushi master Chef Marco. Take your girlfriends on an amazing adventure of cooking classes in sushi making. You will learn new recipes, have loads of fun and learn a few new things about how to buy the best ingredients so your cooking is restaurant quality.

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