12 Unusual Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

With waste landfill sites filling up and the price of food increasing, it’s interesting to know about foods you didn’t know you could eat, especially with the alarming amount of food that is wasted (read more here).  From food scraps to weeds this article will show you 12 foods that you thought were inedible but actually are edible, along with some recipes that will wow your dinner guests, especially as they would never have eaten these foods before!  Read below for more.

12 Unusual Foods You Didn't Know You Could Eat

1 –  Avocado Stone



This is something that we all throwaway, but by baking the stone for 2 hours until it’s soft and then blending it can be added to smoothies or used in baking.

2 – Pansies


The whole of the pansy can be eaten, they are great to add to decorations such as cakes.

3 – Stinging Nettles

Stinging nettle

People can be afraid of cooking with stinging nettles as they sting, but when they are cooked or dried the stingers are inactive and perfectly safe to work with.  Nettle tea has been around for a long time, but it is also used in food, take a look at this polenta with nettle and goats cheese recipe.

4 – Dandelions


The whole of the dandelion can be eaten, the roots can be brewed into a strong tea that tastes like coffee, the stems can be sauteed with spices and added to salads and the flowers can be used as decoration.

5 – Cauliflower Leaves


Another part of food that is regularly thrown away, but by roasting it with garlic and herbs it can be a vegetable side dish or added to salads.

6 – Chalk 


Chalk can be eaten as it is a good source of calcium, but we imagine the texture might be like sand, so I think we will skip trying this one!

7 – Corn Silk

Corn silk

Corn silk is the bit that is left when the kernel is pulled away from the husk; it has great health benefits for the bladder.  To use corn silk it is best to boil it in water to make it into a tea and then sweeten with honey.

8 – Vegetable Peel


This is something that is usually put in the compost, but by boiling your vegetable scraps such as carrots, onions, celery, and potatoes a vegetable broth can be made.

9 – Prickly Pears

Prickly pear

These type of cactus are the only edible type and make a great jam with a light flavour, read a recipe here.

10 – Carnations


Carnations can be used like pansies for decoration, or they can be frozen into ice cubes and added to lemonade for a spicier flavour.

11 – Beetroot Stems


These are just like the cauliflower leaves, but instead of roasting, try them sauteed with garlic and added to a salad.

12 – Peach Leaves


Don’t eat these directly as they are poisonous, but by boiling them with milk a peach leaf custard can be made for a little twist at your dinner party.


So that’s all 12 foods that you didn’t know you could eat. There are many more foods, but we chose those foods that you could serve up to your friends and wow them.  If you’re looking for a recipe to add these new foods to, take a look at our side salad recipes and see where you can add those flowers.

Have you tried any of the foods from this list or are there any others that you would have added to this list?  Let us know in the comments below.

If you are looking for a chef that can cook you a meal straight from his garden laden with flowers take a look at Chef Daniel’s profile and his ‘From my Garden to your Plate’ Menu.