Useful Tips on Avocados by Private Chefs

If like us at ChefXchange you like adding avocados to your meals but still struggle a bit with their selection, here are some useful tips from our Private Chefs not to fail anymore. 

The creamy and delicious taste of avocados fits perfectly with almost any other food when wanting to add a sweet texture to your dish. 

In a salad, added to an omelette or in a sandwich, topped with shrimps in a cocktail sauce, or even by itself simply spread on a toast. But that’s not all. The hardest, and trust us it hasn’t always been an easy game, is to find the good matured ones that are ready to eat. The “just on time” ones !

avocado in sandwich

Luckily we have on-boarded great talented Chefs who revealed some of their little secrets. Among them, some useful tips on selecting the right avocados.

As we all know, we should first pay attention to the color of their skin. The darker the better as they should be softer and known to be the more matured ones. But this doesn’t always works.. 

The useful tips on Avocados by Private Chefs

  1. Extract the stalk and look at the color inside. The green shouldn’t be too light, nor too dark. That is where tip 1. a steps in..
    1. a: do it on several avocados, 3 or 4, to be able to compare them and choose the right one. 
  2. If back home you realised you screwed-up with your selection, we are pleased to tell you that you have got a second chance ! Put your avocado in a raw rice bag. This will help it get matured pretty fast.  

Thank you Chef Amro, and thank you Chef Andrea from London who was with us in Dubai last week-end cooking outstanding menus on 3 consecutive nights. As he would say, it was “F A N T A S T I C” !