Surprise Your Valentine

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we all want to surprise our SO (significant other). But coming up with new and creative ways to do so becomes harder as the years pass; a single red rose won’t cut it every year and a big red teddy bear is getting a little cheesy.

Luckily enough, if your SO has a sweet tooth, we have the answer to your problem.  It can even be a double surprise if you’re a Hestiaphobic (fear of baking; yes it’s a thing!). These cakes have the wow factor of a professional baker yet require the skills of an amateur baker.

Peek-a-boo Name Cake

Valentine's Day cake ideas

Peek-a-Boo Name Cake

This is my favorite. You can be so inventive with this cake. You can write your partner’s name, initials, a special message or even just a heart. All you need are the letters and shapes cutters. 

Box Cookies

Valentine's Day cake ideas

3D Heart Cookie Boxes

These can be a bit trickier, as you have to decorate the top part of the cookie, but don’t let that intimidate you. You can decorate your cookies in any way you like. You know what they say it’s what’s on the inside that counts. so make sure you fill up the 3D boxes with sweet treats. 

Earth – Heart Reveal Cupcakes

Valentine's Day cake ideas

Heart Reveal Earth Cupcakes

What better way to say I love you than an earth cupcake with a heart revealed in the middle? Express to your partner that he/she is at the center of your world.  

Heart in a cake

This one is similar to the peek-a-boo name cake but much easier to do. The heart shape will show any way that you cut the cake. And it is relatively simple to make since it doesn’t require any cutters or molds.

Valentine's Day cake ideas

Heart Surprise cake

And what better way to serve your scrumptious creations than in the comfort of your own home? What if I told you that you and your partner can have a quiet, intimate night at home and enjoy a restaurant quality meal (if not better)? I won’t bother you with more recipes; you’ve worked in the kitchen enough for one day and made that gorgeous cake. Did you know that many of our chefs have a special Valentine’s Day menu? Check them out here.

In Beirut, Chef Dima has two menus for Valentine’s Day; you can take a closer look here. For London, Chef Daniel has a special menu planned and so does Chef Yann. In Washington DC, we have Chef Dadisi, Chef Ayah and Chef Peter for starters.

So this Valentine’s Day, step outside the box and surprise your SO with a personalized cake like no other.