Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas: 5 Romantic Dinner Menus

Get some inspiration for Valentine’s day and make it less stressful and panicked with these 5 Valentine’s Day dinner ideas.  They are inspired with flavours from all over the world, and they don’t take a genius to make.

Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas: 5 Romantic Dinner Menus

All these menus pair well with wine whether you’re drinking red, white or really pushing the boat out and having bubbles.  They use intense flavours and lots of aphrodisiacs, making them luxury menus that you can make yourself.

5 Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

Menu 1: Separated by the Atlantic

atlantic dinner ideas

Starter – Cajun chilli oyster

Main – Pan fried duck with celeriac risotto and poached pears

Dessert – Caramelized banana with vanilla cheesecake

We decided to call this menu “separated by the Atlantic” because it is an infusion of European and American flavours.  That makes it an ideal Valentine’s dinner idea for those that love these cuisines.  It begins with a simple flavoursome aphrodisiac.  Moves onto an intense but light duck dish.  Finished with a complex and creamy cheesecake.  Trust us, the caramelized banana really makes this menu!  If you’re thinking that doing this yourself is a bit hard, take a look at Chef Yann in London for some tips or to create it for you.

Menu 2: East meets West

east meets west dinner ideas

Starter – Scallop and king prawn with fig puree

Main – Beef yakiniku

Dessert  – Chocolate tart with honeycomb and vanilla ice cream

This menu is a perfect fusion of Eastern and Western flavours, it is ideal for Valentine’s Day dinner ideas for two at home.  Well, how often are there more than two of you on Valentines Day?!  The fig puree complements the shellfish and adds a sweetness.  Beef yakiniku may sound complicated, but it’s just grilled beef, so all you need to do is get the beef on your griddle pan and cook it to your liking.  If you’re not sure when your beef is done, then look at these beef doneness tips.  And chocolate and honeycomb are a match made in heaven, just like you and your Valentine’s.

Menu 3: Basque country

basque country dinner ideas

Starter – Smoked salmon and poached egg with hollandaise sauce

Main – Chorizo and prawn stew

Dessert – Catalan chocolate cake

This menu is inspired by the Basque country, it is full of Spanish influence with a touch of French haute cuisine.   But, this menu gets better, it can all be prepared in advance, making it an amazing surprise Valentine’s Day dinner!  If it all seems a bit much to prepare this dinner in advance, and keep a secret from your Valentines then get Chef Daniel in London to whip it up for you.

Menu 4: Indian seaside

indian seaside dinner ideas

Starter – Salmon and avocado tartare

Main – Carrot and courgette tagliatelle with langoustine

Dessert – Eastern Eaton mess

If you still haven’t found a Valentine’s Day dinner party idea for you then this one might just tickle your fancy.  It begins with a salmon and avocado tartare, add some Eastern influence to it by using lemongrass, chilli and peanuts.  The main course is a Western influence, and really light, leaving plenty of room for dessert.  The dessert is a take on the traditional Eaton mess, but using the traditional East ingredient; mangoes!  Perfect for a light and flavoursome dinner.

Menu 5: Where the sea meets land

sea and land dinner ideas

Starter – Seared scallops with tangerine and fennel purée

Main – Beef wellington with a mushroom reduction

Dessert – Chocolate cake with a chocolate spiral

We conclude our Valentine’s Day dinner ideas with a sea and land menu.  This is an intense and filling menu, that will leave you with a large smile on your face!   If you don’t fancy making it yourself or clearing up after then ask Chef Khalid in London to help you.

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