Visit to Columbia Road Flower Market

Last weekend we visited Columbia Road Flower Market, Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG, and it does what it says on the tin, it’s a flower market.  The expectations before we went were that it was going to be pricey and the £20 note we had in our purse wasn’t going to get us very far, we couldn’t have been more wrong!  The area and the atmosphere are fantastic for the flower market and they have every flower and plant imaginable in every colour.

The Atmosphere

The market had a feel of an old meat market where every vendor was shouting “Get your roses here” “£5 a bunch” which was like a blast from the past.  Every vendor wanted to engage you in conversation, which was easy as the market was so busy you couldn’t move anywhere fast!  

The Flowers

Flower Collage

Flowers at Columbia Road Flower Market

The market had every kind of flower imaginable and in any colour, many we had never heard of before!  Just look at the photo above.  They had a wide variety of plants too, you could buy anything from a tiny cactus to a fully grown olive tree.  They had flowers to suit every price range, which is why we were surprised, we thought it was going to be pricey.  We ended up leaving with a bunch of 20 white roses for £5!

The Area

Vintage Shops

Vintage Shops near Columbia Road Flower Market

The market is based in Tower Hamlets an area that has recently been redeveloped and gentrified, making it one of the up-and-coming areas of London.  

Public transport is definitely the right way to travel in London, even on Sundays.  We ignored all of our Londoner instincts and decided to drive.  There were many road closures that day and getting there on public transport seemed too much effort, but really we made the mistake by choosing the drive!  Parking near the flower market is very difficult as a lot of the parking bays are for residents only or market permit holders only.  We ended up parking somewhere that said 2 free hours parking, but the parking attendants are like vultures and will spring upon you even at midday on a Sunday where the parking is meant to be free.  Save yourself the stress and get public transport!

As well as being a flower market there are also lots of little antique shops, some pricey, some cheap where you can get a vase for £6!  There are vintage clothes markets and many cafes dotted around too.  One of our personal favourites is Clutch where they serve the best fresh ginger tea we have ever tasted.  As well as a mainly American-style food menu.

The market is located close to Shoreditch and you can tell that people living in Shoreditch make this flower market part of their regular weekend routine, and we will too now.


Are there any markets you would recommend?  Comment below with them.  

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If reading about flower markets and little Cafe’s has got you in the mood for some floral food take a look at Chef Daniels from my garden to your plate menu here, where he decorates his food with flowers from his garden.  Chef Daniel is one of our London based Personal Chefs.