Want to host a BBQ at home but can’t handle one. Get your own Chef…

[dropcap background_color=”transparent” color=”#0f0f0f” size=”400″]H[/dropcap]ow often have you thought about hosting a BBQ at home on your patio or garden on a sunny day, getting your friends over for some quality time? Unfortunately, more often than not, this remains a nice thought in the back of your mind because you dread the whole logistics around it: getting the meats, sausages, buns, hot dogs, drinks, charcoal (most probably forgetting some of the ingredients). And that is just the start of your nightmare, then you got to get the BBQ going, making sure that the meat is not overcooked (or undercooked for some of your guests), and by the end of the event you barely had anytime to hang out with your friends (and you’re most probably starving cause you did not get a chance to pause a second).

Kiss goodbye to all these deal breakers and get your own Chef to worry about these for you. All you’ll have to do is sit down, relax and enjoy your time with your friends (not to mention brag about having your own Private Chef over). On the 12.12 at 12 pm, Chef Emily showed up with her sidekick Becky to cater for a birthday beach barbecue attended by 30 hungry adults and children. This was one of the very first ChefXChange event booked in Dubai. Everyone was delighted to enjoy beautiful canapés, mini burgers, mini hotdogs, various barbecued skewers and mini organic mozzarella balls made the previous day by Chef Emily herself.

“Throughout, the ChefXchange experience is personal and flexible. Foodies get to chose their Chef and together create a menu according to desire and fresh produce availability. Interaction is constant, easy and therefore very pleasant”, Chef Emily commented after the event.

A few days later, Chef Emily was already booked by one of the guests attending the BBQ. Dubai Foodies should hurry if they want a piece of her food!! Well done Chef Emily.

You can find a chef that cooks in the style you want on our platform. The platform is very easy to use, you can see step by step instructions here.