5 Simple Ways to Nail Your Christmas Table Setting

The epitome of Christmas day is the meal that is eaten at the dinner table with your loved ones. However, what sets the tone and scene for the meal to come is a beautifully decorated Christmas dinner table. The decoration of your table is your chance to shine outside the kitchens. Here are a few simple ideas for you to seize this opportunity and show off your styling skills. It is important to create a magical table top that will really impress your guests. This will help build their excitement for the dinner.


5 Simple Ways To Nail Your Christmas Table Setting

5 Simple Ways to Nail Your Christmas Table Setting

Traditional Christmas table top

The holiday season can bring out the traditionalist in all of us. If you want to design an elegant but traditional tabletop this Christmas, picking the right style of plates is very important. For the plates, go for something that looks old world and classic. The added bonus about these type of plates is that they do not even have to match. As long as they are in the same color scheme it can add a charming twist to the table. Complete the look by adding classic candles sticks, white napkins with simple embroidery, classic silverware, and glassware.

5 Simple Ways to Nail Your Christmas Table Setting


Modern Christmas table top 

The perfect colour scheme for a modern design is white and gold. To be more contemporary you can opt for a square shaped white plate as opposed to the traditional round plate. You can match your squared plates with a simple but well designed and finished silverware. E.g. silverware with a gold finish to fit the festive theme of the holiday. A traditional glassware will be a normal stemmed wine glass. However, a simply designed tumble glass adds more of a contemporary setting to the table.  A soft grey napkin, as opposed to a white napkin best, fits a modern theme. It goes well with both the white and gold colour theme which makes the plate the ideal location to place them.  For a centerpiece, you can use a tall cylindrical vase adding flowers to make for a simple but dramatic centerpiece.

Festive table top

For a very festive Christmas table, green and red colour scheme goes hand in hand with the holidays. Set your table up using a green tablecloth for that immediate pop and Christmas feel. Use a neutral plate setting colour such as white round plates. White plates can easily be matched with the green and red colour theme. Sprinkle some red confetti over the green tablecloth for an additional spark. Decorate your plate using green napkins and red Christmas tree decoration balls. For a centerpiece, you can use a mini Christmas tree decorated with small Christmas ordainments to complete the look.


5 Simple Ways to Nail Your Christmas Table Setting

Snow white table setting

We all wish for it to snow on Christmas day to create the perfect white Christmas. However, this is never guaranteed. Instead, you can bring the white Christmas straight to your dinner table. Using a white and silver Christmas table scheme, it forms the foundation of a winter snowscape. Using a large glass hurricane lanterns as a centerpiece, you can fill it heaps of fake snow. Fill the table with a tangle of silver winterberries down the center of the table. Then finish the look with frosted glass and grey candlesticks to create a magical Christmas table top.

5 Simple Ways to Nail Your Christmas Table Setting

Warm messages

To personalize your Christmas dinner table, you can place cards with each guest name written on it. This adds an elegant touch but also saves your guest from that moment of awkwardness where everyone is trying to figure out where to sit. Alternatively, pretty engraved dishes with a sweet message add that much more cheer to a holiday table setting. They appeal individually to each guest and immediately makes them feel that much more special and welcomed before even being seated.

5 Simple Ways to Nail Your Christmas Table Setting

Now that you have a few ideas on how to nail your Christmas table, it is time to start gathering pieces of decorations together. Whilst the idea is now there, you still need to plan ahead. You will be more stress-free on the day of decorating if there are minimal things to do. So, plan ahead, and set the table from early. After all that hard work, you deserve to calmly enjoy the sight of your creation as much as your guest will.

We hope our tips on event catering for 10 guests or more will make your next event effortless.  If you need more inspiration for Christmas season have a look at Father Christma’s famous orange cookies or write to us for some more helpful advice.