What Does Boris Johnson Eat?

“My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it. ” – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has quite a reputation for getting stuck in, whether it’s tackling a child playing football or shoveling concrete, so we took a look at what Boris Johnson eats to fuel his energetic work life.  After his time as Mayor of London, he caused quite a stir stepping down from the leadership race for Prime Minister after leading the Vote Leave campaign, and now he’s the foreign secretary.  We wonder if his palate is an international as his new job.


Boris Johnson Eats

He looks pretty chuffed with the size of that fish, we bet he went home and told his friends he caught it!  I bet it tasted excellent pan fried with some steamed greens on the side.



Happy Birthday Mayor of London, Boris Johnson! ??

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He does live by his have your cake and eat it policy then, and we are very jealous he got a caterpillar cake for his birthday.

Tea & Biscuits

Boris Johnson Eats Tea & Biscuits      Boris Johnson is showing people he is a man of the people by sitting down and having a cuppa and some biscuits, we can spot some bourbons and some custard cream on that plate.

Roast Dinner

Boris Johnson Eats Roast Dinner We too would be giving that plate the thumbs up if we had it.



Happy #internationalcoffeeday ☕️

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Whilst you’re at it, Boris would you make us a Soy Latte?

Ice Cream

Boris Johnson Eats Ice Cream

Boris Johnson is going for a classic vanilla ice cream to cool himself off, and with the heat wave we’ve been having lately, we don’t blame him!

 Boris Johnson Eats Cheese

We love cheese and apparently Boris does too!  There’s so much selection in this photo, but we think we’d go for a bit of brie.

More Cake 

Boris Johnson Eats cake

He’s certainly having his cake and eating it, but we can’t blame him. Cake is excellent and one of our favourite foods too!


Boris Johnson Eats sausages

He’s looking rather confused at those sausages, perhaps he was expecting them to be pink?  I wonder if Boris Johnson ate these in the end?


We have taken you through the most glorious pictures we could find to discern what Borin Johnson eats.  From cake and more cake to biscuits and cheese he has a palate we enjoy very much, though it’s not all that international.  We wonder if his new job will open him up to some new cuisines.

Let us know in the comments below if you were surprised by what he eats, or if you share the same food love.

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