What’s Cooking? Ask Chef Daniel!

“The cooking class was amazing! To me, it was a great experience to try a chef from abroad with a different style of cooking. The food was wonderful. I hope ChefXchange sends us more foreign chefs in the near future to learn more and get deeper into the international culinary world.” ~ Foodie Dima, on her cooking class with Peruvian Chef Roberto in Beirut.

You asked for it, so we’re here to make it happen! For our second collaboration between ChefXChange and Kitchenlab, which consists of bringing international and renowned Master Chefs to Lebanon, we are pleased to bring to you a unique opportunity to enjoy a Culinary Experience with the acclaimed Chef Daniel Salvador. Chef Daniel will be available for cooking classes and in-house private dinners from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th of this month.

Chef Daniel

Crema Catalania

Born in 1979 in Barcelona, Daniel was a young, ambitious 12 year old already studying the art of food and baking cakes at home. Four dedicated years later he started training as a chef in Sant Pol de Mar, an hour outside his home town. Those amazing years were an incredible experience and just the beginning of what was to come next. Chef Daniel then moved on to his next adventure and soul-searching, and spent the next 10 years driving around the whole of Spain working for renowned chefs with 1 and 2 Michelin stars, learning the importance of the produce, from the meat, vegetables and cereals from the interior of Spain to the fish, seafood, vegetables and rice of the Mediterranean Sea.

Chef Daniel

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Mash “Trinxat”

In 2009 Chef Daniel decided to learn new cultures and new foods, thus he transferred his career to London. After working for one year in Harrods and four more renowned catering companies, he decided to work as a private chef, study nutrition and organic gardening. Daniel believes that we are what we eat. Cooking healthy gives sense to the passion and love of food that he began when he was just a boy. He’s learned to show his love for food and taste in his presentation of each dish he creates, making it unique and special to himself and memorable to someone else. 

A sneak peek on Chef Daniel’s culinary plans for our passionate foodies in Beirut:

Thursday February 25th from 7-9pm: Tapas

  • Cod Bunuelos with Romesco sauce: juicy cod fritters with a traditional catalan roasted vegetable and hazelnut cold sauce
  • Escalivada with goat cheese: roasted vegetable salad served hot with melted goat cheese
  • Pulpo a la Gallega: slow boiled octopus Galician style, served on boiled potatoes with smoked paprika and olive oil
  • Cod carpaccio with dry cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and winter salad
  • Tarta de Santiago: typical Galician almond cake

Friday February 26th from 7pm-9pm: Paella

  • Seafood paella: traditional rice from Spain, cooked in the traditional pan and served with aioli
  • Roasted vegetable “coca” with goat cheese and Romesco sauce: Mediterranean roast vegetable tart served with melted goat cheese and the traditional catalan roasted vegetable and hazelnut cold sauce
  • Crema Catalana: traditional creme brulee served with a red fruit compote and crumble biscuits

Saturday February 27th from 11am-1pm: Traditional Spanish cuisine

  • Slow-cooked lamb shoulder with black olive crust and cabbage and potato “trinxat” (mash)
  • Esqueixada de Bacalao: raw cod salad served with grated tomatoes, black olives and fresh garlic
  • White chocolate “torrija”: sliced bread soaked in white chocolate cream and friend with an orange soup
    Chef Daniel

    Roasted vegetable “coca” with goat cheese and Romesco sauce

Still not sure about Spanish cuisine? Did you know that it was voted among the top 10 cuisines in the world in 2015? Spanish cuisine, as opposed to other national cuisines in Europe, is heavily influenced by regional cuisines and the particular historical processes that shaped culture and society in those territories. What makes Spanish food special, is the beautiful mix and diversity in ingredients, spices, and the preparation method used. This type of cuisine combines all the yummy elements of 4 main cuisines: French, Italian, Mexican, and Mediterranean (Arabic). What are you still waiting for? Book your place now with Chef Daniel through KitchenLab for a unique, mouthwatering experience, places are limited! 

“The Spanish see food as part of a larger, more essential and pleasurable part of daily life. Not as an experience to be collected or bragged about – or as a ritual like filling up a car – but as something else that gives pleasure, like love or music, or a good nap in the afternoon.”
                                   -Anthony Bourdain