What’s the Best Mineral Water in the UAE?

Many brands of bottled water can be found in the UAE. From very regular to high-end bottles, this article lists 12 local and world renowned brands of water: Evian, Arwa, Aquafina, San Pelegrino, Masafi among others. How to decide what is the best mineral water in the UAE?

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Interesting information about the price, level of sodium and Chloride has been shared by TimeOut Dubai in this article. Their suggestions are shown to help you decide among a selection of mineral water available in the UAE. 

Best Mineral Water in the UAE

Did you know for example that Arwa – 2AED for 500 mL – and Qvarzia – 24AED for 750mL – are very low in Sodium and Chloryde, which is good for those suffering from water retention or blood pressure? Whereas Masafi and Crystal count a very high amount of both. 

Doctor Lanalle Chapman Dunn, naturopathic physician at Medi-Clinic says to TimeOut Dubai’s readers:

The mineral levels should be on the label. Again, this [Acqua Panna] is soda water, so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with osteoporosis or menopause

We recommend you to avoid some of the brands not even showing their level of Sodium and Chloryde, such as Acqua Panna, or Aquafina. 

What mineral water do you prefer? Do you feel a difference in the taste and in your health when drinking one of these bottled waters? Share with us and get more information on how to eat healthily in the UAE here.