When Food Meets Art

We love eating food. What we also love doing is talking about food. More often than not food facilitates a common topic, and is an ideal circumstance under which to meet someone. The same principle applies to art, which we embrace in one way or another. That is when food meets art.

You can enjoy food while discovering art. Or you might want to discover food art. Either way, food and art are coupled together, and this strong bond lasts for centuries. Food is an improvisation in the hands of creative and limitless ones.

When Food Meets Art

Jalousie window // spaghetti with chives

Discover art through food events

The best part about art discovery through food is that you enjoy every bit of an event even if particular instalments do not appeal to your taste. There is an increasing number of galleries that liaise with food caterers to provide a wholly new experience while looking at art collections. Galleries bring food to their events but it also works well the other way round. Restaurants have become an ideal setting for art display where much of the art is thematic and curated. As a result, you create a story and while you dine you experience art in a more profound way. If you are an art collector, artwork forms your surrounding and so does a collection of art in a restaurant or at an event you host. It is the experience that bundles together food, art and talk.

Back in the day post-impressionist painters would pay for food in worthless artworks. Restaurants ended up displaying art of then unknown artists such as Picasso and Miró that eventually brought them to a new level. The relationship between food and art goes on. Not surprisingly, food supervenes every art opening where artists indulge in art discussions while eating. There is a thin line between a gallery and a restaurant because art is increasingly penetrating the food world. Some restaurants already have curators who are in charge of art collections. 

When Food Meets Art


The main challenge is to make a clear and congruent link between food and space. If curators succeed, foodies are able to experience the atmosphere in the right way and enjoy both elements. A great example of how art and food are fused together are SushiSamba restaurants where you can find designs created by street artists. The importance of art has grown so deep that SushiSamba decided to hold annual art shows with different themes.

When Food Meets Art

The fisherman’s hut // salmon

Discover food art 

Food art is a compelling one because it demands a lot of talent to be considered as an artwork. It should be eye-catching and express multiple associations apart from the food itself. We are not talking about food photography but true food representation which exerts ambiguous feelings and meanings. Food art is immersive but you can only watch it, no touching. That is the major downside since you want to consume the beautifully-looking dish. The only way to do that is to host an event and have an exclusive private chef prepare it for you and that is what ChefXchange does.

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What is your relationship with food and art? We’d love you to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.