Why You Should Hire a Private Chef for NYE

Imagine this. It is 5pm on a Friday, last work day of the year,  and you have JUST left work. You went straight to the grocery store to shop for tomorrow’s NYE dinner that you are hosting. Why? Because you like to have friends around! Tomorrow is NYE, you wake up super early and start prepping and cooking. You have dinner with friends at your house, before you go out for drinks. Dinner is almost ready; however, you yourself are not! You barely have enough time to get ready yourself, and you are already exhausted, because of all the prep work and the running around you’ve been doing. Does this sound like you?


No? What about this scenario? You normally eat out on NYE and this has “you” written all over it: you struggle to make a dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant for NYE. All booked? Ok, on to choices #2 to infinity. Now you will most probably settle for a mediocre restaurant and your friends will be REALLY unhappy with the food, atmosphere, and not to mention the service on such a busy night. Don’t forget to pad your travel time to the restaurant, it’ll take a while longer to navigate. 

Our solution? Get your own Private Chef for NYE’s dinner with ChefXChange! The process has never been easier.

Let us assuage your doubts in advance. You’re thinking, why would I get a Private Chef, is it going to be expensive? We assure you that the price will be the same or even cheaper than eating out on NYE. You will have your food cooked by our amazing chefs, leaving you and your guests happy, satisfied and ready to celebrate the night away. Not to mention that the chefs will bring all the ingredients (say bye to grocery shopping on NYE), serve, and clean up after themselves!

Private Chef for NYE

The new and improved scenario: it’s Friday at 5pm, you leave work, go home and relax and start thinking about the music playlist that you will play during dinner. You set the table in advance and have all the nice plates ready for tomorrow’s dinner. The next morning, you sleep in and wake up relaxed and ready to party the night away with your friends. You look amazing because you had as much time as you needed to get ready! Our chef arrives and begins cooking up your custom menu. Your guests start arriving, you enjoy their company and can actually interact with them!  Finally, dinner is served and it’s delicious.

Private Chef for NYE

Which scenario do you prefer? How about turning it into reality? Well, with ChefXChange everything is possible. Book your Private Chef for NYE now for a memorable evening and exclusive experience!